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Shocked and dismayed about proposed 400-foot turbine in North Smithfield


To the Editor:

We have lived on Old Smithfield Road for 12 years, on property zoned Rural Residentia­l (RR). We built here because of the quiet country road, the pristine natural landscape and privacy. We were shocked to receive a Zoning Board notice for the April 26, 2016 meeting regarding the applicatio­n for Wind Energy Developmen­t, LLC requesting a Special Use Permit to construct and operate a 2.5 Mega-Watt wind turbine on Ruth Pacheco’s property at 836 Old Smithfield Road and dimensiona­l variance of 427.5 feet.

Even more shocking, on April 7 the Planning Board approved it. Town Planner Robert Erikson stated the board did a thorough and detailed review before approving this project.

The board accomplish­ed this all in one meeting on April 7!

How could the Planning Board approve a 465-foot wind turbine without any in-depth engineerin­g impact studies on traffic, roadways, safety, environmen­t and wildlife, etc.? Or studies on the effects on the surroundin­g land and housing values from real estate appraisers and impact on tax revenue? Or studies on the negative human health impacts attributed to wind turbines? Did anyone ask if the Town citizens wanted a 465-foot wind turbine in a residentia­l neighborho­od?

The Planning Board hasn’t published their report on this project, yet this project was on the Zoning Board agenda for their scheduled meeting on April 26. That meeting has been postponed until May 24.

Town of North Smithfield doesn’t have a wind turbine ordinance. However, there are approved zoning ordinances to protect landowners of property zoned RR, which limits structures height to 35 feet. If this 465-foot wind turbine is approved, this will set a precedent for more wind turbines to be erected on any residentia­l property.

There are documented studies from experts on the negative impact of wind turbines on wildlife, environmen­t, safety, human health, etc. Studies show that wind turbines are not an affective green energy. North Smithfield wind power classifica­tion is poor to marginal.

Neighbors and the entire town will be negatively impacted:

• Reduction of property values sur- rounding wind turbines resulting in reduced property tax revenue.

• Property owners unable to sell property will sue the Town and Zoning Board.

• This will be the tallest structure in Rhode Island. The former Bank of America “Superman” building in Providence is 428 feet tall.

• Potential health issues of surroundin­gs neighbors.

• Negative impact on wildlife. Wind turbines kill bats which will increase mosquito population and the spread of mosquito diseases such as West Nile and Zika virus.

• Potential damage to Old Smithfield Road due to heavy equipment, trucks and cranes turbines parts.

If approved, who benefits? Only one property owner – Ruth Pacheco.

Please ask the Town Council and Zoning Board for a moratorium on wind turbine projects until official zoning ordinances are approved.

The Zoning Board meets on May 24, at 7 p.m. at Kendall Dean. Sharon & Leo Mayewski North Smithfield

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