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Friend lends her wedding dress but she’s not invited to wedding

- Jeanne Phillips

DEAR ABBY: My co-worker and supposed friend asked if she could borrow my wedding dress because she thought it was so beautiful. I was thrilled to lend it to her and paid for the alteration­s ($200 plus) as her wedding present. I accompanie­d her to her fittings and helped her plan her wedding for approximat­ely 100 friends and family. The kicker: My husband and I were not invited to the wedding, and when she returned my gown, it had lipstick on it and cake down the front. It wasn’t even in a bag – she just handed it to me. What should I think about this? —FLABBERGAS­TED IN FLORIDA DEAR FLABBERGAS­TED: You should conclude that your co-worker and “friend” is someone with no class whatsoever. Have the dress cleaned and packaged so it can be properly stored if you intend to keep it, and give HER the bill. Then distance yourself far enough from this person that if she asks for any more favors, you can comfortabl­y say no.

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