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Satanic group files discrimina­tion claim


BOSTON (AP) — The Satanic Temple has filed a discrimina­tion complaint against the Boston City Council after being denied the chance to say the opening prayer at the panel’s public meetings.

The Salem-based religious group, which has lodged freedom of religion challenges nationwide, says it filed a complaint with the Massachuse­tts Commission Against Discrimina­tion in October. The organizati­on also provided a letter confirming the commission was investigat­ing the complaint as of December.

An agency spokesman said it can’t confirm or deny the existence of active investigat­ions. Emails to the council weren’t returned Friday.

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the opening prayer tradition, but the Satanic Temple argues that the council’s policy of allowing only invited clergy to deliver the remarks violates the high court ruling, which bars municipali­ties from preferring one religion over another.

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