Real Talk A mom’s hon­est re­view of her own home. (Hint: Man­age­ment needs se­ri­ous im­prove­ments.)

I’m giv­ing this es­tab­lish­ment 1.5 stars.

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I have given this place quite a few chances. In fact, I’ve lost track of the num­ber of times I have spent the night here. Ev­ery time I go to bed think­ing man­age­ment will get its act to­gether, that this time will be dif­fer­ent. No dice.

Dur­ing my most re­cent stay, I re­ceived a 5:45 a.m. wake-up call. The prob­lem? I didn’t re­quest one. What’s more, in­stead of do­ing an ac­tual call on the phone like most ho­tels, this place sent in a lit­tle preschooler to crawl into bed with me. I get it. Wake-up calls are al­most ob­so­lete thanks to the new tech­nol­ogy on our phones. There­fore, a fresh ap­proach to keep an edge on the mar­ket might be nec­es­sary. But this seems like an odd di­rec­tion to go.

Un­for­tu­nately, the morn­ing didn’t im­prove. Once I was up, I re­al­ized that the com­pli­men­tary break­fast was not pre­pared. Not to men­tion, I now had an ad­di­tional mouth to feed if you in­clude the alarm-clock child, which it seems like I should. That child didn’t ap­pear to have any kind of job at all, yet she re­quested a ride to school. On the plus side, this place is con­ve­niently lo­cated near said school. On the mi­nus side, I had to get up ex­cru­ci­at­ingly early to ac­com­mo­date this kid’s needs. It’s ob­vi­ous the man­age­ment here has a hard time sched­ul­ing its staff ap­pro­pri­ately.

I should also point out there seemed to be a large rat (or other ro­dent of un­usual size), which hopped into my bed this morn­ing and con­tin­ued fol­low­ing me around cry­ing for food. Thank­fully, when I put my glasses on, I re­al­ized that the ro­dent was a dog. Oh, yay for you guys. You got one thing right, be­ing a pet-friendly place. I’m still stick­ing to my rat­ing. That dog licked it­self ex­tremely loudly and didn’t have the de­cency to ex­cuse it­self to a more pri­vate area. If it were a rat, I could cut it some slack for be­ing so un­couth, but a dog ought to know bet­ter.

All that be­ing said, I will likely stay here again with the ex­press hope they will get their crap in order and stop wak­ing up their

mother so early! If you won­der why the early-morn­ing rage, here’s a hot take: Mom’s of­fice doesn’t have nap time. In fact, it seems to have pretty ex­plicit rules against naps. Don’t ask me how I know.

I look for­ward to up­dat­ing this Yelp re­view should there ever be im­prove­ments around this place.

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