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“I was preg­nant with my son, and my mid­wife said I needed to take pre­na­tal vi­ta­mins. I couldn’t find any­thing on the market that was clean. Ev­ery­thing was ei­ther chem­i­cals or food wrapped in chem­i­cals. So I was like: ‘I can’t be­lieve we don’t have some­thing clean out there. I have to make it. Be­cause I need it.” Now she has a new line, my kind Or­gan­ics Her­bals, which are non–GMO ver­i­fied, cer­ti­fied or­ganic, gelatin-free, and use a gaso­line- and GMO corn–free ex­trac­tion process. Here’s what she rec­om­mends from all of her vi­ta­min lines:

• Oil of oregano “when you feel like you’re start­ing to get sick.” But also:

• Vi­ta­min C “be­cause you al­ways feel like you’re get­ting sick with a lit­tle one.”

• B-12 for en­ergy boosts. “When you would usu­ally go for a cof­fee, have B-12 spray in­stead.”

• Col­la­gen “to make you feel pretty, be­cause it helps with your skin, nails and hair.”

• B com­plex “for moods.”

• Pre­na­tal gum­mies “be­cause you want to be breast­feed­ing, and this can boost your milk. The gummy is like hav­ing a sweet treat in the mid­dle of the day. Ev­ery other gummy is made with 2 tea­spoons per serv­ing of su­gar. If I’m go­ing to pick su­gar, I’m go­ing to pick it in the form of a de­li­cious dessert or a glass of wine. Not a vi­ta­min. There’s no su­gar in our vi­ta­mins. They’re made with cer­ti­fied or­ganic peaches and ap­ple puree.”

• Sleepy-time spray “if you’re hav­ing a rough night. It’s so pure. It’s not like tak­ing mela­tonin.”

• Golden milk tea is “like a warm hug in the mid­dle of the day” and “very good for your im­mune sys­tem if you’re sick.”

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