“What­ever it is that will en­able you to sur­vive, you have to do it.”

Working Mother - - Get Ahead -

“I have clin­i­cal anx­i­ety, and it was di­ag­nosed years ago when I was in law school. My doc­tor said: ‘Your job is re­ally stress­ful. You have to take care of your­self. You have to run or ex­er­cise.’ A cou­ple of years ago, a client sug­gested block­ing off time in my calendar to ex­er­cise. I have a daily ap­point­ment at noon to work out for an hour. If a client says, ‘I need to talk to you,’ that’s fine, I’ll shift it, but the point is there is a daily ap­point­ment on my calendar that gets moved around but never deleted. I am ac­tu­ally train­ing right now for the Pikes Peak As­cent, which is a half-marathon up the side of Pikes Peak in Colorado.”

Run­ning the last mile of the Rich­mond Half Marathon.

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