Working Mother

From Working Mother of the Year to Working Grandma


JoAnne Brandes, who got SC Johnson to open an on-site childcare center, and daughter, Julianne Davan, director, communicat­ions and change management, pro sales and services, Lowe’s, on our April 1994 cover and today, with Julianne’s girls, Jordy, 7, and Joella, 3

“I became EVP, CAO and general counsel, and started serving on outside boards. Even though I was over 40 then, just a year and a half later I adopted almost-4-yearold, 27-pound Adrian from a Romanian orphanage. Adrian is now 28 and doing well. My little granddaugh­ters adore their uncle!” —JoAnne

“Having a working mom absolutely impacted my decision to be a working mom myself. I was always, and still am, proud of her and wanted to be like her. She loved her career, her company and being a mom, and I wanted that too. I have been blessed to have a family and career that bring me joy and pride.” —Julianne

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