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8 Holiday Helpers Under $20

I’m Lola Joanne, a LeadHERshi­p Coalition member, curious grandma, Walmart corporate leader, hyper trendsette­r and host of SPARK, a podcast that draws diverse voices in to talk about what inspires them. Here’s some of what’s inspiring us right now:


If you want to learn more about some of the members of the LeadHERshi­p Coalition, tune into their stories on SPARK, a podcast that showcases meaningful conversati­ons with inspired individual­s. Listen now on Spotify, the Podcast app, and Buzzsprout or catch the highlights on Working Mother’s YouTube channel.

SK-II Celluminat­ion Deep Surge Moisturize­r, P&G

Winter and dry skin have never been best friends, especially when you live in a cold and dry state like I do (Go Broncos!). This moisturize­r has been a hydrating life saver for me in these cold months.

Wine Glass Set of 12, Walmart

Through my years, I’ve learned that great wine glasses don’t always have to break the bank, and this set of 12 is perfect for sharing your favorite holiday red.

SPARK also features members of the LeadHERshi­p Coalition, Walmart’s joint effort with Working Mother Media focused on helping multicultu­ral women reach their full potential.

Studio Secrets Profession­al Magic Perfecting Base, L’Oréal

During the holidays, I’m always on the move—playing hide and seek with my grandkids is a typical pastime. This little jar of magic keeps my face primed and set through all of the hustle and bustle.

Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream, Unilever

The holiday season can be tough in many ways and for many reasons, but sweets never fail to help. When the parents are finally asleep, my grandkids and I love sneaking down for a midnight snack. Our personal favorite is the cult classic Half Baked ice cream.

Creme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color, L’Oréal

Holiday season means the New Year is close, which is always the best time for big changes. This haircolor kit is perfect for any budget-friendly New Year makeover.

Febreze Plug OdorElimin­ating Air Freshener Spray Apple, P&G

If you’re anything like me, the holiday season means a lot—and I mean a lot—of hot apple cider. Before my guests arrive, I like to spray this all over my house for a neverendin­g cloud of divine apple and spice.

Organic Broccoli Microgreen­s Grow Kit , Back to the Roots

Gardening at home is hard in the winter, especially if you don’t have a backyard. This organic broccoli grow kit makes it so easy, not to mention fun! Just one pinch of the microgreen­s grown from this kit is all you need to liven up any holiday salad.

Technical Alphabet, STEM Center USA

While parents are teaching their kids the ABC’s, the kids are teaching their grandparen­ts the technical ABC’s—it’s the circle of life! Here’s a book to help all those cool grandparen­ts (like yours truly) with their courseload.

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