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Switching to Agile Product Management


Early in 2019, the HR team at the financial-services company adapted Agile, a system of using small, focused teams working on quick solutions to problems instead of putting ideas through normal, much-lengthier HR processes.

The new way of operating allowed the company to set up a series of employee listening sessions and pulse surveys during the pandemic, including one in China in February, assessing the issues for the 246 employees there. “This system lets us quickly mobilize to implement change,” says Missy Grizzard, head of people agility and project management office manager.

A pulse survey of nearly 20,000 global employees showed staffers wanted more time to care for sick children, ability to carry over vacation time, and more Teladoc resources. Each employee received a $200 tech allowance. More pulse surveys have followed, focusing on safety and well-being support and reentry strategies.

The company quickly expanded paid sick child/dependent care leave from two to 10 days, increased paid sick leave from five consecutiv­e days to 10 days minimum, and addressed related issues, including expanded wellness program and benefits, an allowance for IT needs, and expanding vacation rollovers.

In addition, eligible reimbursab­le expenses were enhanced to include ergonomic home-office equipment, face masks, disinfecta­nts and child-oriented activities, such as virtual tutoring.

This system lets us quickly mobilize to implement change. —Missy Grizzard, S&P Global

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