Working Mother

JR Dawkins


Product Manager for Yahoo Next Generation Technology, Verizon Media New York City

Self-proclaimed tech junkie JR loves reading blogs, but he always makes sure his wife, LaToya, a technical education assistant, has time for TV and reading too. With two boys, ages 5 and 2, and no family nearby, that “me time” can be elusive, especially during a pandemic, but the couple makes it a priority.

How do you split duties around the house? My wife is a great cook and works an earlier shift, so she’s the main chef. I clean up the kitchen, put the food away, clear the sink, and take out the garbage and recycling. She normally does the laundry. I take care of all the yard work and home repairs.

Why do you think it’s important that dads play a big role at home? It’s easy to assume one partner has everything covered, but everyone needs breaks. Both parents need to actively give the other parent a breather. It’s good for our mental health and marriage to be proactive both about doing things together and giving each other time to ourselves.

How do you resolve conflict about domestic duties? Early in our marriage, we went to counseling, and it was a great reminder that we’re on the same team. The sooner we’re able to dial down our emotional reaction and focus on the issue at hand, and how to move it forward, the better.

Both parents need to actively give the other parent a breather. —JR Dawkins, father of two, Verizon Media

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