Working Mother

Celebratin­g our Working Moms and Dads of the Year 2020


“Our society shrinks women when we become moms into less dynamic, less powerful human beings. This proud working mama is committed to changing the narrative and status quo by leading by example and advocating for my colleagues.” — Nicole Tortarolo Dempsey,

UBS’ Working Mom of the Year

“We work in a profession­al services industry that’s filled with busy schedules, and client and internal deadlines, but it’s also built on relationsh­ips. Establishi­ng the narrative that being present in your kids’ lives is important to you and communicat­ing that to your teams helps people around you understand and support your priorities.” — Lee Henderson,

EY’s Working Dad of the Year

“The most compelling way to help others navigate between work and family life is to lead by example. I tell my kids all the time that “action speaks louder than words,” and being transparen­t has gone a long way. If people don’t see leaders practicing flexibilit­y and prioritizi­ng their well-being, then they won’t feel that they have the ability to do that for themselves.” — Jessica Gonzalez,

EY’s Working Mother of the Year

“I know firsthand what having someone in your corner can do. I’ve had that support my whole life and even today, through my Bank of America mentors, managers and teammates, who have been there throughout my career to guide and coach me. I encourage everyone to make the time to help others. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s just important to do something. I promise you what you receive in return is well worth it.” — Demetrius Wilson, Bank of America’s Working Dad of the Year

“I am very fortunate and grateful to work for a company that is so supportive and helped give me the power to make someone else’s dream of becoming a mother come true last year when I decided to donate my uterus. I wouldn’t change a thing.” — Cheryl Urban,

Bank of America’s Working Mother of the Year

“I want to help other moms and primary care givers realize how important they are to their families and how essential they are in the workplace. Being a mom shouldn’t come at the expense of profession­al aspiration­s or vice versa. It is an honor to be recognized as a working mother among a group of other inspiring women.” — Erica Voss, Johnson & Johnson Working Mother of the Year

“I strive to lead by example, for my children and for my colleagues, showing them that family and career can go hand-in-hand. This recognitio­n is not just for me, it is for all parents who’ve gone through a journey of loss and recovery and are managing their own worklife challenges.” — Kevin Felder, Johnson & Johnson Working Dad of the Year

“Through the support from my manager and the company, and its family-friendly programs, I am grateful to be able to be there for my daughter when she needed surgery. I value being part of a team that is focused on improving lives and knows how critical their work is to helping patients.” — Jorge Tinajero, Sanofi’s Working Dad of the Year

“I’ve learned that in order to be at my best, as both a mother and an employee, I need to take time for myself. Knowing how important overall well-being is, I spend time with my team to work on their goals with the company and support their lives outside of work, therefore they can bring their whole best selves to work.” — Shonette Rodriguez,

Sanofi’s Working Mother of the Year

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