Working Mother

Celebratin­g our Working Moms and Dads of the Year 2020


“In order to balance my career as a retail bank manager and care for my paralyzed son, I’ve learned how important it is to take of myself mentally, physically, emotionall­y and most important spirituall­y each day.” — Yoki Brown, Capital One’s Working Mother of the Year

“For twenty years, I have been on a continued learning and growth journey as an associate, husband, father, and people leader at Capital One. In imperfect and messy learning moments, it helps to return to my goal of supporting people at home, at work, and more broadly. one. I have learned so much through this journey as a working dad but most importantl­y to be open, vulnerable, and commit to continuous­ly learning while supporting others.” — Chris Hahn, Capital One’s Working Dad of the Year

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