Working Mother

Celebratin­g our Working Moms 2020 and Dads of the Year


“The immense support I have received during the last ten years, from my firm, my partners and my husband, has become even stronger over the last months. As a result, my children have seen me helping clients around the world before their very eyes. During these difficult times, they have shown resilience and an appreciati­on of the value of hard work and collaborat­ion.” — Erica Franzetti, Dechert’s Working Mother of the Year

“Communicat­ion is at the heart of what makes our family work. Family life can turn on its head in an instant, and you hope you are nimble enough to identify the change, adapt and begin to handle a “new normal” together as a family.” — Vincent H. Cohen Jr., Dechert’s Working Dad of the Year

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