Working Mother

“Embrace stocks that represent change, such as medical technology, artificial intelligen­ce and robotics.”


“Mothers’ work-from-home needs around seamless technologi­cal execution, flexibilit­y, adaptabili­ty and structure have increased dramatical­ly. The companies that have embraced this shift will likely benefit. I seek out companies that are the solutions to the challenges we face as our world changes around us. ‘Staying the course’ works only if none of your financial goals have changed. If you are driving cross-country and there’s a big accident on your route, you need to reassess and take a detour to get where you want to go.”

Michelle Mayer;

#29 Managing Director, Private Wealth Manager, Merrill Lynch; mom of Connor, 23, Maddie, 22, Garrett, 20, Carson, 19, Cameron, 16, and Jackson, 15; Naples, Florida

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