Working Mother

“Don’t miss out on the recovery by selling at the wrong time.”


“There’s been so much fear about the virus and the economy, but making rash decisions is the wrong thing to do. At one point during the COVID-19 crisis, the S&P 500 was down 30 percent from its record high; it has since recovered and hit a new all-time high (as of September 2, 2020). Review your risk tolerance to be sure that you are comfortabl­e with the volatility in your portfolio. Now is the time to fine-tune asset allocation­s, rebalance, and make adjustment­s if warranted.”

Valerie Dugan; SVP, #75 Wealth Management, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley; mom of Trey, 21, Jacqueline, 19, and Julia, 17; Glastonbur­y, Connecticu­t

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