Working Mother

The future is flexible.


Sacha Connor

Founder and CEO, Virtual Work Insider

The future will be a highly flexible hybrid model of remote and in-office work. There will be more acceptance by employers to the fluidity between work and life that employees crave. Employees will be upskilled to effectivel­y and collaborat­ively work from anywhere, and the tech tools will be in place to support it. Managers will be taught how to mitigate distance bias to ensure that promotabil­ity is no longer tied to proximity, and instead is based fully on performanc­e and potential. These changes will enable moms to no longer have to hide that they are fitting in watching their child’s school performanc­e, sports game or swim lesson in between virtual business meetings, and will free moms from having to choose between living where it is best for their family or living where it is best for their career.

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