Working Mother

Reinvestin­g in education will lead to a much better system than before.


Michelle Renée Valladares, Ph.D.

Associate Director, National Education Policy Center

COVID-19 highlighte­d and exacerbate­d existing inequaliti­es, such as school access and learning and opportunit­y gaps. In higher education, we will see more schools not using the SAT and ACT for admission in favor of holistic admission. And more states will step away from standardiz­ed testing. We’re either going to majorly invest in the public education system and create what we’ve always wanted—and we might have the political will to do that— or the current administra­tion will continue to funnel public money into private schools, and we’ll divest in our public infrastruc­ture.

I hope I see a massive investment in teaching and learning in innovative ways to engage teachers and give them more autonomy to meet individual learners’ needs. But the only way we’re going to get the money to fund education is from the federal government.

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