Working Mother

Working from home will offer women new opportunit­ies.


Nina Vaca

Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, a workforce solutions provider

The growing acceptance of working from home as a viable way to expand your career has opened up a lot of jobs to women who in the past wouldn’t have worked. The ability to work from home will be a highly valued skill in the future. It will be something at which you need to excel. So if women can be really effective at working from home, it’s an opportunit­y for them.

I don’t think COVID-19 is going to end women’s progress. I look at my personal leadership experience­s in the corporate, board, and civic arenas and the statistics I’ve been watching for two decades on female entreprene­urs, female directors and females in business.

In looking at a 10-year view, I predict all the underlying trends (of getting more women into leadership) that were in place are going to remain. We’re not going to radically accelerate, but we’re not going to fall off a cliff either.

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