Working Mother

Leaders will stamp out inequities.


Tina Tchen

President and CEO, Time’s Up

This crisis has revealed to employers and to the nation how essential the work is that women do, both their paid work as essential workers, and their unpaid, previously unrecogniz­ed labor in their homes, raising the next generation and caring for the generation that came before.

The woman out there picking vegetables as a farm worker is more valuable to us now than a bank president. It’s an opportunit­y to recognize that and reorient our system’s structures that overcompen­sate those at the top of the wage scale to the detriment of others. Our hope is that this moment will bring about safe, fair and dignified workplaces so that women—and particular­ly women of color—have the support they need to reach their full potential.

I am cautiously optimistic that public- and private-sector leaders will root out inequities that exist within their organizati­ons, define inclusive values, and set up anti-racist practices that will guide their communitie­s.

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