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●Apart from the assault itself, these last couple of weeks have been the hardest of my life. I have been accused of acting out of parti. san political motives.若不論性攻擊本身,過去這幾周是我人生中最難熬的階段。我被指控是出於政治動機,才公開出面的。 ● At the same time, my greatest fears have been realized – and the reality has been far worse than what I expected. My family and I have been the target of constant harass. ment and death threats.在此同時,我最害怕的狀況成真,而且比我預期的更糟糕,我的家人與我自己都成為持續騷擾與與死亡威脅的對象。

●Those who say that do not know me, I am a fiercely independent per. son and I am no one's pawn.對於那些聲稱不認識我的人,我要說我自己極為獨立,我也不是任何人的馬前卒。 ●My motivation in coming for. ward was to provide the facts about how Mr. Kavanaugh's actions have damaged my life, so that you can take that into serious consideration as you make your decision about how to proceed.我公開出面的動機,在於提供卡瓦諾行為的事實,這些行為傷害了我的人生,所以大家可以好好想想,再決定接下來要怎麼做。

●It is not my responsibility to de. termine whether Mr. Kavanaugh de. serves to sit on the Supreme Court. My responsibility is to tell the truth.要決定卡瓦諾是否值得坐在最高法院,這並非我的責任,我的責任是說明事實。


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