World Journal (New Jersey) : 2019-02-11

財經副刊 : 34 : D2


D2 財經副刊 2019年2月11日 星期一 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 大麻淘金 日本軟銀 首押寶歐洲金融科技業 國際未來一周大事 英國24 (%1 理財Q&A 美中副部長級貿易會談在北京舉行 印度1月$1* 歐元區財長會議 日產、6OEFS "SNPVS財報 紐西蘭、瑞典央行利率決策 美國1月$1* 'FE主席鮑爾在密西西比演說 思科財報(美股盤後) 日本、馬來西亞、歐元區24 (%1 美國1月11*、12月零售銷售 美國上周首度申請失業救濟金人數 美中部長級貿易會談在北京舉行 輝達財報(美股盤後) 新加坡24 (%1 歐元區12月貿易收支 美國1月工業生產、12月密大消費者信 心指數 製表:財經新聞組 美國新韓銀行 房屋貸款(備選收入) 可調整利率貸款:5/1 ARM* ARM(6.125%APR)起 30年 貸款期限: 4.70% 1~2.5% 手續費用:貸款額的 貸款利率: 646-677-5311 每月貸款費用必須從Shinhan Bank America帳戶自動轉帳,否則將會加收0.25%利息。 詳情請電: Fort Lee 201-363-9009 Palisades Park 201-313-1009 法拉盛 北方大道 貝賽 曼哈頓 小頸 718-799-7001 718-799-7012/7016/7021 718-799-7100 718-799-7090 718-799-7815 646-843-7333 718-281-7888 中文專線 中文專線 136-17 39th Ave., Ground FL Flushing, NY 11354(飛躍皇后大樓內,免費停車) 150-29 Northern Blvd. Flushing, NY 11354 211-11 Northern Blvd. Bayside, NY 11361 313 5th Ave. New York, NY 10016 252-20 Northern Blvd. Little Neck, NY 11362 222 Main St. Fort Lee, NJ 07024 101 Broad Ave. Palisades Park, NJ 07650 Terms & CondiƟons 1. Eligible Borrowers: US ciƟzen, Permanent Resident Alien, with U.S. Income only 2. LTV (Loan-to-value): Purchase & Refinance (no cash-out): 65%, Refinance-Cash out: 55% 2.a The terms of repayment: The interest rate and monthly principal & interest (P&I) payments remain the same for the first 5 years, then adjusts annually when that iniƟal period 2.b Minimum Credit Score – 700 FICO 3. Loan fee: starƟng from 1%- up to 2.5% of loan amount. 4. Processing fee of $350 and other actual cost (including credit report, flood determinaƟon fee, tax service fee, escrow/closing fee and others) will apply. 5. Maximum loan amount: $2,000,000, Maximum 2 properƟes per individual 6. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR), is the annual rate charged for borrowing or earned through an investment, and is expressed as a percentage that represents the actual yearly cost of funds over the term of a loan. and others. For example, 4.70% (ARM) with 1% of loan amount; APR 6.125% with 1% of the loan amount will apply. * ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) is a fixed rate for a specified number of years and adjusted every year thereaŌer. Rates can be adjusted to a maximum of 2% per period and there is over. The ceiling on each annual adjustment is 2%, the lifeƟme ceiling on the loan is 5%. This includes flood determinaƟon fee, tax service fee and escrow/closing fee, loan fee, processing fee of $350 is a lifeƟme cap of 5%. Featured rate is as of 01/12/2019. All rates, fees, products, and program guidelines are subject to change or disconƟnuance without prior noƟce. Other limitaƟons and restricƟons may apply. All loans are subject to Shinhan Bank America’s applicaƟon, underwriƟng, appraisal, and credit approval. NMLS:514674 40781

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