World Journal (New York) : 2019-02-11

分類廣告 : 59 : G7


G7 分類廣告 2019年2月11日 星期一 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 Assistant Account Manager 聘請 Charles B. Wang Community Health Center Coordinator/ Bookkeeper/ Office Clerk Accounts Receivable/ Office Assistant ᦚ ه ஶᵀҕⳭ᭚Ɣ౗ Secaucus, New Jersey Warehouse is looking for Accounts Receivable & Office Assistant. Individual Must Have the Following : 2+ Years Experience Accounting, Computer Skills,Using Microsoft Office, Strong Communication Skills, and Must be Able to Work Independently, Send Resume to: Non-profit community-based organization seeks bilingual English/Chinese Maspeth, Queens 其他(英) applicants for their Flushing and Chinatown locations. Outdoor furniture importer looks for detail-oriented, good communicating and excellent MS-office skills person to join us. Must be aggressive and capable for multiple tasks. Full benefits and competitive compensation. Bachelor 3-yrs related experience. E-mail: Major Home Healthcare Agency Multiple F/T positions for hardworking, good attitude, serviceoriented, responsible, well-mannered, ambitious, energetic individuals, tri-lingual EnglishCantonese-Mandarin/Spanish-CantoneseMandarin, booming market, career growth potential, type 35+ wpm Great pay/benefits/401K Resume to [email protected] Call 718-819-5710 Patient Services Representatives, Medical Assistants, Family Health SR ACCOUNTANT Worker, Custodian, Coordinator of Marketing & Outreach and others. 3 Years Accounting 1 Year Managerial Fluent English Excel/Word Proficient Multi-Entity or ERP Plus Good Benefits/Health Insurance Resume: [email protected] Interested applicants shall visit our website , search for [email protected] or call Lisa at 212-302-3744 [email protected] current job openings under ¤Join Us | Jobs¥ and ¤Apply Now¥. Great Neck Forwarder/NVOCC Ocean Import / Export Operation, & Administrative Assistant Receptionist/Clerical JFK INT'L Freight Forwarder Midtown Immigration Law Firm answer phone, take messages, open mail , make appointments, open cases, email client notices,document preparation, misc. Req'd: Native Mandarin speaker,salary commensurate with experience, email resume to:[email protected] Import/Export Clerk Individual for data entry and operations' customer service Proficient in MS Office (Excel & Word) Must be fluent in English with legal status. Good salary and benefits. ǀ ǀ ǀ ǀ ǀ Located in JFK, seeking (1) Administrative Assistant, (2) Ocean Import/ Export Operation, (3) Receptionist. Fluent English / Chinese, Legal Status. Email: [email protected] AIR/OCN OP, sales, Bookkeeper, fluent English required, good benefit and salary Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Hiring Int'l Freight Forwarder Burberry Trucking Freight Freight Forwarder Production LI Import Co. seeks office assistant English / Excel a must Shipping / PO processing exp. preferred 631-582-8888 [email protected] resume with salary requirement Looking for AIR/SEA Export Operation Fluent in English. Self-Motivated Will Train. E-mail To: Burberry is hiring experienced luxury Sales Associates in New York City & Long Island. E-mail resumes to [email protected] Operation Manager Owner-Operator CDL A Driver Sealink TWIC Office Assistant Sales indoor/outdoor Full -Time w/experience [email protected] 646-529-8575 Position Open for ocean Import OP and Sales. Require Excellent English Ability & Legal Working Status. Email resume to: [email protected] Garment Importer Production Lab-Dip to Tops English/Chinese Minimum 2 years experiences Spec Knowledge Experience is Required [email protected] Resume:[email protected] Office Manager Construction Com. Sales Midtown Apparel Company Hiring Prod. Coordinators Office Clerk Sought at law firm with California and NY offices Must speak English and Mandarin, good at marketing, willing to relocate. Brooklyn Seeking English-Chinese Office Assistant CAD/Photoshop and Driver License Required Able to Work on Construction Field Resume Email :[email protected] Trading company seeks sales. Speak native English and have drive license to travel.Resume to Import Co.Seeks Office Clerk Must Speak & Write English/Chinese Green Card NJ TOY COMPANY IS LOOKING FOR FULL TIME PRODUCTION COORDINATORS TO WORK WITH CHINA FACTORY. EMAIL RESUME TO Entry level Production Assistant, able to multitask, willing to learn, bilingual, shipping experience plus. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] ⧻Ռ౗㨸 Freight Forwarder JFK Freight Forwarder Freight Forwarder B‼तᨉ झ㏱㠤リ㊦ᇨリ৘ Ⴋ┌؆௘஦ᙟ ݩ त㊦⪜ ‼तᨉᝳ⣌㴾⩢ܵݎᝳዪ⩢㋇㫩 (Lynbrook) Operations supervisor assist manager all aspects 2 years experience & willing to learn good salary+Benefits email: [email protected] Seeking Sales, Marketing staffs with fluent English/Chinese. Self-motivated, experience plus. Salary + Benefit. Email resume: Looking for General Manager or partner +10 year Experience build team system operation exclusive opportunity Resume to:[email protected] Customs broker forwarder looking for accounts payable & experienced operation, competitive salary with health and dental B ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧࣿ㫩⭝㖱ݣ⬒࠺ᆎ ㋨⥝㵲ԋᙔ㍡༵ 㮷ഌໝսӳ ⊳᥉ӻᖸᝳभᯧ㕇֍ ㌴ ݰ ਦ☑ࣿᝯ㈷⫫ᜀཝ צ ӳↄ஠㿽ἃᝩৌ㯀Ӵఉ ᙔᝧ㛑㧰 ᓚ㐟 ჊࡞ ݰᝳᝯ㈷ఫ╲㈊ሗ㞄Ǎഌ᧊໫ ❖ݥ ↚Ꮅ՞࠺㏱ᴹ⏟㨸⣌㴾⩢צ㏱㈸໫ ৘՞ݥ ݰ㫩⭝⏟㨸ໝ᫓Ꮅ㫩⭝⏟㨸႙ה⣌㴾 ᝳ㠤リ㏱㈸໫ ݥ ᥙሗࣿ༰࡞⩢ǎ ᓄ ؼ㛑㧰 ݰ ᝯ㈷ ㏏⣌⏟㨸ໝ᫓ जߎ៝㏏࡞౗ヿ ᖸᝳਦ ᥉ؼ㏣Ꮅ⪩㏣⣌㴾⩢צ ᝯ㈷㛑㧰 ݰ ᝯ㈷ໝ᫓Ꮅᝯ㈷⏟㨸႙ה⣌㴾 ఫទ㫩⭝ᙔᝧ⽔↚⬒࠺ ཌ⧻இᝯ㈷ᴽߺ இ㪡ᝯ㈷ᴽߺ ☲࡞ᝳఫ╲㊘㍃ǎ ໄࢗ㛑㧰 ໄࢗ᥉࡞ ݰ㠤リໄ᪪ இ㪡ࢗ᪪ࣿؼ⊇ₕ᥉࡞⣌㴾⩢ܵݎ㢙⊇ǎ㛑㧰 ⡑⢴ᗁ ৘՞ה ㋨ۄ㉑㒩 ㏱ᙠᄣ❖↚৘ ᾳኀ 㞇 㞇 (㬳⒜ឆ႙ה⟃ )㞇 [email protected] [email protected] 646-812-2823 917-330-6617 㞇ǀ 㞕 Ǎ 㞃ǎ ӽ⊤ᚚ౗ሹᇨ⪰৘ ⅘∇ᅐ㋇ ㋇तᨉ :1. 2. ǀ ᣑ⏪ࠢ৺▦ȧǮబ㗚⢡↎ὧ⍂ Maspeth㢑ࢇᅐ㋇ߏ Ⴋ┌င⹞ⵄᏼ⎉㋇ᝳ ⣌㴾㏕㕕तᨉ ᝳ㕇֍㇝౗☲ ᝳዪ㫩 : ǀ Ǎ 㞇 ទ౗ᅓ२㛑ሹ⪜⪰৘ ה႙㮴⏖ࡺᑐ㫩㊂໾Ꮛ᝷࡞ ᡉཌᅓ२♙։✙ ፽ᇨ⩢㫬⡿ᇵ㏎㏙ ᗁ᱁ߧஇ Ⲗ㊥ ፷⠛㊥ᝤ צ 㫩⭝ᗁ ה ᾳ⤞ ፷ԋᙔᏢໃ Ⱞ ൃ⎏ᵄ㘻ᐃႛ ⬒ங೒࠺Ӵ႙ה ӳ ↄ஠㿽⎑ळࢥ 㮷ᝳ㕇֍ ⬒भᯧ႙ ה ទ౗ᓽ؊㝴⍛ظ㪬কᝳ⻊څ ឆ ዪ ⩢㋇㫩㛝ԋⲖᙔྊ᫓⯍ Ԇ㋇㉙ᚺ ᅓ२㛑⪰৘Ǘǎ ࠘⅘∇╖㚒㢑ࢇᕈ㙛✙⊂Ꮫजప㈿ᝳ ᓞ㘨ᯧᐹ⏇ ߎ㦈 B/E‼ 㞇 ǎ ᣑ⏪ࠢ৺ႲṱŽ্Ɣۤɚ℁฿⧒ᮂ௛ịᦷᨹ➏⯐рତǽዋ㗚ਁዋ᪠᪢Ệ⇴㗚 :1. 3. 2. ǀ 㞇㞇 ǎ㞇 Low-E 㗚ƔḊ㗚࠭≔ӖఋⷛᦷᨹẃIJ᧣⢡↎ǮƄǓօ㗨 IFRS㞄Ꮅ 718-388-6628 (GAAP)Ǎ 15㫩㊂718-326-8989 㞃 Ǎ㞇 㒉㒊㒋㒌㒍 㗨㗨 ᪠᪢ฯ✞Ǔօ ࿀ȶ⊍ѕѾ෡᪢⡔̋ ⡔̋‎⥅ତ᷇୎ ⦰⦻‎⥅⡔̋ᮂ‎⥅ӖẺ᧪ ໱⧸ਁօ ⦰⦻ၽ୔໱⾠Ӗɪඳׇ⻰᭼‎⥅ ҕ ݐ ⶫֳ῾᧪ ⶫֳ଴ސ⻰๧⊡‎⥅ ✚ ӕ⬊ӱ፫ ݣ⿋ᠮ ᣑ⏪ࠢ৺༒ɪ⯊Ѡ᧚⬊ ৐⊧ӖΥǢᵸϷIJᄺവ⅞⢿਀Ἀᐘ᭼⊒ ତொۻ܀ : ǀ 㞇 Ǎ 㞇 㞇ǎ Tlcतᨉ ῟Ἵ‐㯔 㗨 㞇㞇 ⣥ :A. B. WORD,EXCEL)ǎ IT WINDOWS SYSTEMǍ CICSO SQLǍ MS OFFICE(POWER POINT, ǀ 㞇 㗨㗨 : 㞇 ㋇TLCतᨉ⯇ۄ 㕕㖚Ὅ㫬Ⲗᙔ ᘘ ໸♵ݣ ݒ झ㏦㋇㫩Ꮅ Ⴋ┌ငA/C㕕ងԬᛮ Ն႙ה♵໸㑌⻊$15 / ǎ 㞇 ዪ⩢㫩㛝ྊ᫓ ࣿ : [email protected] [email protected] 㗚 ࡺࢬ㱓㊦㋇‐㯔Ⴧ ڶ [email protected] [email protected] 101 Precision Dr., Shirley NY 11967 Ԇ㋇㉙ᚺ፽ᇨ㛑㧰 /῟ἽჇڶ /ᄕ৘㡔਑/Ꮲ㫓631-320-8136 929-235-6897 212-734-9110 㖿0 com 㞇 ǖ 㗨 Dž㊦⪜Dž ႙ਦ᝷࡞ԋᇵ▬ᝧ/ᙔ⤔ ݩ৅㰱तሹ⪜ ⪰᥉ᙲ㑌㿽 ᰻࡚֐ࠧ ទ౗㊦ᇨ᰻࡚֐ࠧӬल㞇నリ᰻࡚ཇᡪᎵย㵲໿۔✙ ༏ݤ 㫬ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧ ⲋᝳリ㡔 ᰻࡚ ย㵲✙⏟㨸ໝ ⣌᫓ཝ צ ㉹⊇ឆᶕजՖទ ౗᫈⪰՞৘◙ߧ⯝ڟظ ႙ ה ஠㿽 ⡥⡙⎑ळࢥ ዪ⩢㋇༕ԋⲖᙔྊ᫓ࣿ⯇۔⯍㞕ؼ։Ԗ᚜㋇㉙ᚺ㞕ǖ᰻࡚֐ࠧǗǎ Ῡ㙛㡔਑⣌↚ Ӳჺ႙ה ⣌㴾 ԋⲖᙔ㊯༵᱁ߧ ݰ㯅ཌྷ⬒࠺ ᝯ㈷㛑ᙔ৘㞕፷ ܵݎ Dž 㞕 ⡥⡙՞೰ظ㪬ݩ त⪜ᆖሻ႙ה ᛞ㧿㵶ᘘ ݣᷡ⬒⯝ᛤࢫᨉᝯ ݥ㬷ࣿӬཌӬ႙ה ప㈿ ༰→⏖᧐Ӷᛓഉߎリ ݩᦼক त Well Luck Co.,Inc.㊦ᇨ1.ᛮↄ߅㏕㿽㏕ჾ㛑: 3pm-11pm㞇 㞇 㞇 ǎ Ǎ 㞇 ǀ Dž ទ౗႙ਦԋᇵ㊦⪜▬ᝧ Ԗ㇝ ה႙ ἃ⤔㖩႙ਦᙲ⪡ ᘛ♙ 㮵♙ ᧐ ӳ۔⤔࡞⡑⢴✙ ࣿࢵࡂ㛑㧰ᄭ࡞ ה႙ ፽ᇨ⩢㮷ᙔ✖᱁ᜩԆᾳኀ㫩⭝ᗁ ᾳ⨶ᇤᗁᝧ⮬ࣿؼ ᝤ⩢ה צ ӳↄ஠㿽ங⡥ ⡙⎑ळࢥ 㮷ᝳभᯧ႙ה㕇֍ ទ౗ᓽ ظ⍛㝴؊㪬কᝳ⻊څ ឆ ዪ⩢㋇༕ྊ᫓ ⯍ ؼ։Ԗ᚜㋇㉙ᚺ ፽ᇨ႙ਦ▬ᝧǗǎ /ᙔ⤔Ӭल ( ) 㞇ǍӴ ࠗ⥙⣌↚Ղេ646-241-7457 EOEM/F/D/V/SO ݰ⏟㨸⣌㴾ཝ צ 㫬जᆖሻ࠼ↄǎ㨸⏟ݰ Ǎ ǎ 㞇 Ǎ Quickbooks 2.᥉࡞ཇ৘:ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧ 㞇 Ǎ ǎ ᓚ㐟㛑ᙔ৘ ㏎㏙शᱡം㈳㏕ ݰ⏟㨸႙ה⣌㴾ᝯ㧷㕕ἃ צ Dž㞇 㞕 ⣌㴾ཝ צᇅܵ ᝳ㝴⍛ظ㪬 څ⻊ᝳ ឆ㞇ࣿ ה႙ ዪ⩢㋇ཆྊ᫓ヿ۔⏻⯍ ⪜㋇ᙔ৘ ǎ ǎ ǎ הࣿword, excel, power point✙㕦㵲 㞇 㞇 㞇 㞕 ᝩৌ㯀ԋఉ⪜㗤ݩ ༀࡂ↚㋇ໝ⊂ ॶӬ⯍ॶ୨㫬ᝯ㍡༵ԋⲖᙔ ᝳ㕇֍㫬౗☲ ➯᫓⯍ ǎ ஠㿽Jersey City㞇 401Kǎ New Jerseyǎ (201)434-2540 or email: [email protected] Email㞕[email protected] 917-861-2938 P/T 2:00-6:00PM 㞇 㞇 [email protected] 㞇 ǎ 㞇 㫩 㞕 [email protected]㞇 㞕㞕ǖ [email protected] 㫩ਦリ㡔 ౗㨸౗☲㍙೥ ᝯ㈷ Carmel - Dž㊦㋇߿ᩇ/ConciergesDž ᙲ႔ᚚទ㏪ᚿ ݩ त ᮝ㕕᝷࡞⎏㯅ཌྷ⩢ ᛞ⻊ ᝳ⻊❥څ ᚚ ჺ څ څ⋹ 㝴⍛ ᯧᐹ⏇㵶⡯ݩ༡ 㫬᱁ߧⲖ㊥ࣿԋᙔ㋇ྊ᫓⯍ ᙲḞ㇛ ᚚទ㏪ᚿ ݩ तᑋ⪜: ᝳ㕇֍ ה႙ կ⡿୍ࡧ ᝳ㏙֌ᇵ ఫទⲖᙔᵄ㘻⬒࠺ǎ ᓠ㡔৘ ݥ⪰ٕᄣ՞৘ ‼तᨉ ᝳⰮൃ㉃㢙 ग㇝ኖŤᝳ ჺսӳ⎏៣⫗㗃㕕ť፷ఫទⲖ㊥Ŧཐ㉓⎏ᐖ㏱ኖལजᎰἃᬔ㙉ᘘ ݣ սӳ⎏㵶ᘘ ݣ ᚉ⨍㝼ݩٛᎱ तŤᝳ ჺսӳ⎏᫓टť 㖚սӳ⎏᝷࡞㕕㪓Ŧࢵࡂ तᨉ㗤↚ ‼ŧ㏎㏙ప㈿ᙲतᨉ ߣ⃫㎤㋇⛁ߴ࠼ݣ ǎٛᎱ㊄ካ㋇㫩 ԋᙔ ⶟ ⫗⣠ప㈿᝷࡞▘ࢥ ჺᓽ؊ཇ᥉ప㈿ ⪰᥉㇧ࠧ⯝ལ᥉㖓ࡂ㞇ῂ㧰ࠛ᥉ప㈿Ռ㲬㙪リ㡔㵶Ꮫ⯝ᄁ♂ஊᙲஊ㧩 ⩠㌴㖓ཌྷࡺ ᑐᱡ㨸౗㨸Ⴧ இ☲཭☲࡞Ⴧ ⩞Ⴧࡂᘰ⯝㍙೥ ༰࡞ᗁ ה ࡺᑐ ڔ㐑 ⁒᱁ ౗㨸 ౗☲⯝ᘰໝ༰㓁 ㋣㉷ᇤؼ ஠ந $20+ Linden NJ 2011 10 㞇 $1900 850 㞇 㞇Dž 㞇 㞇㞇 25 Dž 㞇㞇 㞇 [email protected] B (Class B driver) : 908-525-4464 Kathy㞇email : [email protected] TLC 718-321-3322 36-57 Main St., 2FL, Flushing, NY 11354 Dž ǎ 㞇㞕 㞇㞕 㞇 㫩 646-549-8128 / English 212-662-7393 Koren ilovekti8 㞕 ᯧᐹ⏇⡥⡙՞೰ ݺ㉙ᝯ㈷ ᭢੗ឬᙠリ㋇ ㊦⪜㡔਑৘ 㒛㕕㏕ٕ ⡥⡙՞೰㊦⪜ ᯧᐹ⏇᭢੗ᄕ㵶⻊㋇ᾳᏛ ↚㏕৘ࣿᾳᏛ߿ᩇपӬल㋇㫩 ഽⳍᏼ⎉ݩ त 㫬भᓽᯧ؊႙ݒה㏦㕇೰֍㪬ఫనទᾅⲖ㊳ᙔ☶⬒࠺ ◙ߧܵ࣡㋇㡔਑Ὅ㫬⣌㴾ᯧᐹ⏇ߎリ⣌↚ ㋇⣌㴾ⵖᝯఔ㈷কᙔᯧ৘ᐹഅ⏇ल㗤ݩ፷ༀԋⲖᙔ भᯧ႙ה㕇֍ ⻊ܵ∪ಗൃ औᑋ༰⨶⊂ ᙲ႔ᚚទ㰱৅ݩ त㊦⪜ᝳ⣌㴾㡔਑৘㫬ᾳኀᚚទ㱓㱦ࣿⵖ՞㑖Ⴊ᥉࡞ ㏙֌ᇵᆎ ♥ᥑ㙊इ भᯧ㕇֍ ԋⲖ㫐㊥᱁ߧ ᝳዪ⩢㋇ཆٖ՞ྊ᫓㫩㛝 ᥉࡞ջヿݒ㏦నᾅক⢏㕇⪰᥉ప㈿ ⻊㝃ᇅ㙘ܵ ◙ߧ䁖ݥ ᝳᛤࢫ❖↚ྉᨉᝯ㞇㫬႙ה㉓जকఫទⲖᙔ ߎリ⣌↚ॶᙲ㿃 㞇 㞇㞇 㞇㞇 㞇 㞇 ㊦㋇㒛㕕৘՞ה႙ٕ㏕ݳ㫬ᝳभᯧ㕇֍ ᝳዪ⩢㋇㫩 㞇 㞇㞇 㞇 ǎ 718-661-1515 Jessicaᆌ718-308-6682 EOE M/F/D/V ㋇㫩718-850-0888 Email➯᫓ [email protected] EOE M/F/D/SO Email Resume: [email protected] 718-358-5868 㞕 [email protected] ౗㨸Ⴧ 8ഌ㙣㍙↚ప㈿ ჺ⻊12ⶃ ᾳᏛतᨉDžٕ࡞৘ ⣌↚Dž՞ԿԖ❖ ԋఉᏼ⎉ݩ त ࡂᘰᄁჇ Ⴋ┌ငഌ㻜⪰᥉ໝᡉ ⡥⡙႔ᘰ⫙཭㉙ݺ།ᄥ㍙↚ప㈿㊳☶ ჺ ᝲ ᚚ ⯝അ㧿㍙↚ݩ तभ ה ᓠ⻆႙ ה ԋᙔ㍙೥ӳ㊳ ഍Ῡ᥉ ౗ल᠝㉷㫩㊂ ӳ㊳஠㿽 ⵖఔ⩞ໃ⽚അ݉ࢇݩ त㋇፷ᅓែ㊂இⲖ㊥ᝳ㙛ῩᎵ❖↚⣌㴾Ⱞൃஏ㪓⠢▵ࡧശ⣌↚ औ㋇ᝳ՞Կ❖↚/৘႙ప㈿⣌㴾Ԗ❖➯᫓ߪ ⎑ळࢥᯧᐹ⏇ ᙲ㸓Ⳟࣥ ཎ㯝ᄁ♂ஊ㋇ݥ⪰ক ݳ⪰ࡂᘰᄁჇ㞇ᝯ᱁ߧԋⲖᙔ㞇ᝳ㕇֍㫬ᝳ㯸ַ⣌㴾 ᇅ㙘ൃ㫩 ⧻இ౗㨸ݩ तሹ⪜അׅ౗㨸Ⴧ⁒᱁Ⴧ㵶◙ߧൃ ᝳనᾅ 㒛౗㨸Ⴧᘰ ‪ໝ౗㨸ལᛓӶӬ᧙ᄮᒵ⧻இ㞖㧍ࢉ 㞇⻊ B.D‼तᨉ㞕 㞇ǎ 㞇 㞇 Dž ㊦ᇨ㏕ٕ❖↚ক㇦⨶਑㏕৘ᙇल ఫទⲖ㊥⬒࠺ ࡃ࠺⫗ჾ ᝳ㏕ٕ❖↚⣌㴾⎏ܵݎ ㇝ᝳभᯧ㕇֍ ᝳዪ⩢㋇ᐍ᭯⪰ؼ⎉ߪ 4 /2ᝲ 99%ࡺ႙ה ,औջᑋջపஇ㪡⁒᱁ 1-888-666-1680ᆌࢷ೥PhD / New York University 16ჺ⩞ໃ⽚ Ӭჺսӳ㘨㑖Ⴊ⣌㴾 ۄ⯇㕕ӳↄ ٕᄣన㏕৘㞕Ӭჺ㧷㥘㕕⣌㴾 ᝳ㳍ᾅἃ צ㫩 19 2 㞇 Dž 㞇 㞇ǎ 18ᚚ㧷ↄ 㞇ǎ Dž [email protected]Ꮅㇼ⯅ 15⽚ເຽഌᄹ᰽ 646-206-2819 6 ǎ 㞇 㞇 㞇 762⽚59ヲ5᧊ ヲࣟࡺ 718-439-0021 646-288-7256 917-861-2938 Dž [email protected] 18ഌ㙣ᱡ㸓ᏼ⎉ Džޙ᭔ݩ तDž ظ㪬ջ↚㊦⪜ 㠤リ㋇՞ ᅤ❪㋇՞ இ༾㠤リ㊦⪜ ㊦⪜Ӵߛ৘႙㞕 ᯧᐹ⏇ক㧩࿬ظ㪬ջ↚ ⣌↚ ᥉࡞ջヿকᙔ৘ ᇅ㙘◙ߧܵ࣡ ظ⍛㪬 㘧֝㈷ࠧ ឆ✙ ↚ 㕇֍ ᝳ ظ ظࣿᾅన㪬㪬⣌㴾⩢ܵݎ ➯᫓⎉⯍ (P&C)㊦⪜ݥ⪰᥉࡞ (㝴)ܵ⊿⩢ज㗤 㠤リ ᯧᐹ⏇ߎリ ⪜㋇ݥ⪰㫬ᝳ㕇֍ 㘻ԋⲖᙔ㌌இ⠛㊥㞇ᾳኀ㫩⭝ᗁ ה ᝳዪ⩢㋇۔⏻ݯ ྊ᫓⯍ Ꮅ ⯍ ᰽ Ť᧊໩❖↚Ӳჺ⣌㴾Ꮅᱲ㩓‼ ť㧰ヵ᳖ᷛ႙ Ŧᅤ❪❖↚ ŧᯧᇋࡂ↚㋇㫩 ㊦㋇ݥ⪰㡔਑৘ ፷ᵐ႔/◙႔㊂ܵݎ ক㫬ᝳभᯧ㕇֍ ᝳ⣌㴾⩢ܵݎ ᝳዪ㋇㫩Ꮅ⎉㛝։⯍ Ť ㊦⪜႙஠❖႙Ӭल ᝳங⧻ㅛـ⣌㴾㞇❖↚႙՞ক႙஠⣌㴾⩢ܵݎ ណ႙ ᭢᯵ࢎ അलť ᅤ❪㉑㈷Ⴧ ᾳኀ᧊໩ ؘ㇧໸⩢ܵݎŦ㴾Ӷᑈ㫬भᯧ㕇֍ Teller㞇 ǒ Ǔ 㞇 㞇 Office Assistant 㞇㞇 ǎ 㞇 ǎ Ť⣠ـ໫ㅛᐃ႙ ᝳ㳍ᾅ፷Ⲗ㊥ťᝳఫទ ـ⣠ ໫ㅛ⒖㍃Ŧ㫬ᝳभᯧ႙ה㌴ 㞇 ,჌⻊څ P&C :[email protected] ㊦⪜In House㊦⪜In House MEP႙☶Ⴧ⣌ 㞇 㞇 㞇 㞇 H-1B 212-219-9012 Email [email protected] 212-266-9047 [email protected] 929-232-2388 [email protected] ǎ ㋇㫩 917-299-7067᰽ ᝳዪ㋇㫩 718-358-6788 ǎ Ꮡ஠⊄ݩ त 㰱৅㙊ऑ ݩ त㊦⪜ ⎑ळࢥ৅‼⊕ᛞㅛ ᯧ⏇ ⵖఔ 㧩࿬౯ᙠ႙ᅐ⪜㋇ ᯧᐹ⏇㋇तᨉ ݩ⭝㫩त ߅ऑ㋇ߏㄚࡺㅛ႙ 㫬㖥ↄ႙ה 㧩࿬႙ᅐLlE 41S ㊦⪜ࡂ↚ݳ⩘㍖Ӭल ࢵࡂ㐟㏢ ߅☚Ǎ ❖↚ᝩৌ㯀Ꮡྲྀ ה႙ ஠㿽 ক ㇝᭯ទ☑սӳⲖᙔཇ᥉⊳᥉ ⡙႙ה⊂᰻ បݎ⊂㛝❝ ׅᙲ㸓Ⳟࣥ㋇ݥ⪰ᝳ㏙֌ᇵ ཌᙇໃ ࣿᙔ։ᝳᢣ↚ ᱁ߧԋⲖᙔᝳभᯧ㕇֍ ཌᛞㅛᝳ⯞㑪㫬இ /⩫ᇵ Ӭჺսӳ ᝳ㥘㕕⣌㴾ἃ צ㫬भᯧ㕇֍ ᛿㘻㳍ᾅ࣊ज NYཎ㏕㕕㘨㏕⣌㴾 ࢮ⪰㏕ٕࡂ↚ भᯧ㕇֍ ᬔ㙉Ӳߪ୨഍ ऩⲌ⩫ࡡ㊘⏻㏎㏙㑌⻊ᝳዪ⩢㋇㫩 POS 㞇 Ǎ 㞇 Dž 㞇 Manhattan ǎ 㞕 㞇 ㊦ᇨ⣌㴾㗤ݩ ༀࡂ↚ ႪౚῩ㡔ᐃワԖ❖ צ㊥㫐 ⻊ܵ 㞇 㞇⡥ Syosset, Production Coordinator Logistic Shipping Clerk/Office Clerk Resume to :[email protected] $16 718-628-6761 5718 Flushing Ave. Maspeth NY 11378 ǀ 㫩 ᰽ 917-686-8497 335 New South Rd, Hicksville. 㫩 917-387-7029 5ჺսӳ 516-660-6271 [email protected] ം߅႞ ǎ ǀ [email protected] 㞇 A‼तᨉ 99㟚ᄕ㋇ ᝯ㈷Ⴧ᧊ ٕᄣ㫓႙ ݩ᭔ޙ त ⒢ឬᑋ⪜ ㋇໾᝷৘ 㮵໫ㅛـ ᝯ㈷☲࡞ ᝯ㈷Ⴧ᧊ ݩᩖᩯ त ཌྷ㙚ప㈿ ⊂ᾳᏛޙ᭔႙㫬㊦༰ࡧശ㫩 ᯧᐹ⏇㊦⪜ᝳ⣌㴾ݥ⪰ᝯ㈷ࡂ↚⻊ܵ ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧभᯧ႙ה ྊ᫓ヿࣿᎰ⥚੷㫩㛝 㧩࿬㰱৅⪜ٕᄣ㫓႙ ᾳᏛᝳ㕇֍ ה႙഍ Ւ㘻⯇↚㙉⻊ᇅ㙘צ څ֝ჺᝳ ⡥⡙㙛㖱ݩ त㊦⪜㧩㘶तᨉ ᝳ⣌㴾፷Ⲗᙔ㊄ካ㋇㫩 ㏹႔⒢ឬ ݩ तᑋ⪜໫ㅛᏢ╖Ⴧڶ㞔੷औᑋ ໝᇏᝳ㕇֍ᓽ؊ׇ༐㋇㫩ॕݎ⊂ ᯧᐹ⏇⣥㒩ݩ त㋇໾᝷৘Ӭल ፷ԋⲖᙔ ㊦㋇അलᝳ⣌㴾ӳỌ ័㦜᪃Ⴧڶ⊂Ꮫ㋄ݒ㫩㪀 ⵖఔᝯ㈷Ⴧ᧊㋇ᙔ৘㫬இⲖ㊥፷◙႔㊥ᝤ ⪜ᝳݩ␕ᝯ㈷☲࡞ ㋇ᝳ⣌㴾㗤ݩ ༀᙔ৘ ⡥⡙ⵖ⏇㯀᯳೥㯀Ⴋ ᯧ⧲→ౚᜀ㿽ప㈿ᓽ؊㕕㖚ࡺऩׇ㫩 Bronx Corona ⣌㴾ᝯ㈷1ल㊦ؼࡧശ 1लतᨉ1ल⢑ㅛᩯᩖ ٕᄣ৘႙Maspeth NY प㋇ᾳᏛᘘ㠤৘Ӭल औ㋇ᕈ㏕৘Ӭल 5 צ㋇۔⏻➯᫓212964-2521Ꮅ㛝༕⯍ [email protected] ㏎㏙भᯧ႙ה ྊ᫓㫩㛝 917-731-6452 917-578-9670 646-812-5658 347-251-7343 917-836-0200 917-981-8606 347-613-1388 917-582-3798 917-328-1977ᆌݎ⊂ [email protected] 201-696-6788 412-889-9912 [email protected] ⒢ឬᩯᩖ ㊦⪜ᘰ⤞ ݩ त㋇՞ ㉑㈷᳭㞔 ஠⊄ᑋ⪜ ٕᄣࡂ↚ ᩯᩖ⒢ឬ ᝯ㈷ᙔ৘ ݩ❪ᅤत ᇋჇ᧊ 㧰Ⴊ৘႙ ᑋ⊂㰀ਮ 㲬㞑⼵႔ ㋇ᝳ⣌㴾ᩇ㬷໫ㅛჇ ڶ㳍ᾅܵݎ㘨㏕तᨉ ٕᄣ৘႙Ꮲ╖Ⴧڶ 㳍ᡉ㵶⻊㊦㋇ᝯⲖᙔ ᘰ⤞ᝳ㏙֌ᇵᝳ⩫ᇵὍ⣌㴾जప㈿⯇ۄ㕕 ㊦㋇ٕᄣ՞৘㗤ݩ ༀ՞৘ᝳங⧻இ ႙ה⣌㴾ᝯⲖᙔܵݎ ം႔⒢ឬᑋᅊᏑ ᳭㞔ԋⲖ᱁ߧज ప㈿भᯧ㕇֍ज ԋఉ㋇リᘟࡂ↚ࣿ㡔਑ࡂ↚㫬፷ఫទ Ⲗᙔᝧ༵ᵄ㘻⬒࠺㋇㫩Ꮅ⒜ؼ ഌ௛㞖ྏ୪ᘘ ݩ तᑋ ⪜ٕᄣࡂ↚അल㫬भ ᯧ㕇֍ఫទⲖᙔ႙ה Ն഍ᝳ⎉ཿ߿㘶 ⎑ळࢥᝯ㈷Ⴧ᧊ ᑋᙔ৘㫬ᝳ☲࡞ ᝯ㈷⣌㴾औ㋇༰⨶⊂ ᝳዪ㋇ཆྊ᫓㘨⯍ ㋇߿ᩇᙔ৘ԋⲖᙔ᱁ ߧᾳኀ㗤ݩ㕦։ᝳ⣌㴾ܵݎ⻊ܵ㋇㫩 ৿՞ヲᇋჇ᧊㋇ᙔ৘ ⎑ळࢥ㋇ݥ⪰㧰Ⴊ৘㫬᱁ߧⲖᙔ ᝳ⣌㴾ܵݎ႙ה Ն഍ ⡥⡙ཇ᥉ప㈿ᨉᦔ㊦⪜㊳☶㰀ਮ ഌཇսӳໝ᫓ᓽ؊ ప㈿ݥ⪰⻊ܵᝳ◙ߧ 1ल㫬ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧᝳ⣌㴾⻊ܵ917-833-5368 ouyangusa88 ሹ⪜⣌㴾߿ᩇӬल ᝳᓽᎰ⻊ܵࡺऩׇ 646-588-8858 347-836-2988 ⻊ܵ㋇㫩Eric 917-628-0624 ⊒㋇H1Bᝳ㳍ᾅ㫩412-759-2582 718-306-2497 718-456-8900 Nick 347-962-2992 646-262-6263 ㋇㫩646-339-3835 ㋇㫩347-767-6362 [email protected] Džᚃリ▘ 㜮ⴃ㋇՞ ᅤ❪⥾எ ഺ໐੷Ꮡ ᨉ㫩໫ㅛ ᮝ㕕Ῡ᥉ ଙᶜჇ‪ ד႔⾰⠴㿞ࡺჇڶ ࣻⳏリ㋇ ⪜᥉࡞৘ ㊦㋇ ㊦⪜ 㫩Ἵ㫓႙ അल㋇㫩 Ⴋ┌ငNR㕕㜮ⴃ ᅤ❪ჇԿ࡞Ꮢ㊦⪜ ᙲྲྀᝳᄳᏒᅊᅞ㘆149 Stዴᷛ㬱$950ݥࡺभ 㰱৅ᅐ㊦ᇨ⣌㴾ᨉᢴ໫ㅛࣿ㫩႙അल भᯧ㕇֍ݥ ᘒ▾ ⎑ळࢥBayside Volvo ᯧᐹ⏇ـ㕕リ㊦㋇ᝳ ⣌㴾ଙᶜ፷㊽ᶜᥑ צ ᐃワ⣠ـჇ‪അल ᑪᛞ߅⻊ᝳ⻊ჺ څ ᯧᐹ⏇⪜ᨉ▾㡔਑ᙔ ৘፷⠛இⲖ㊥Ⱞൃᵄ ᯧᐹ⏇ࣻⳏリ㋇ݥ⪰ ਑৘जभᯧ႙ה ፷ԋ⻹ܵݎ ᚚទࢇ൚৅⊂᰻㫓㏕ݩ तሹ⪜ݥ⪰ஙംᓠ ݩࢥळ⎑ त⪜ᨉᢴ⣠ ـ㘨㏕तᨉᝯ➯੷Ⲗ ᙔཌ㊂ᝳ႙ࢽӬॶ႙ ה Ն഍◙ߧൃᝳዪ⩢㋇㫩 ㋇ᕈ㜮৘႙അल ፷㇛㊥ܵݎ AutoCAD⥾எ৘ &3Dᘤ៧எㅳ[email protected] com/㫩646-243-8356 ⪜ᮝ㕕㡔਑᱁ߧԋⲖ㊥ᝳཇ՞ప㈿⻊ܵ◙ ߧ צ ➯᫓ ᫓➯ה ݦ ഺभ☚औཎ㯝ℒྲྀ ⒜ឆ ᝲ㘆࢈ᙹഌ㙣 㘻ᐃႛᝳSABRE⣌ 㡔᥉࡞৘W2ࡧࡡᘾ᥉ 㙄㤘㱌ᄕᇨ⣌㴾⾰⠴㿞ࡺჇڶ㵶⻊㊦⪜ ༐㰱؊ 718-839-0828 718-795-8689 347-838-1938 917-880-8086 㴾ܵݎभᡟ⩢जప㈿ ㊦༰ᝳᵄ㘻⬒࠺⣌㴾 3 $2500㫩917-701-3636 [email protected] ㋇㫩646-233-6230Dž ⩢ܵݎ718-690-0286 718-666-1877 718-938-5235 407-455-3304 ݩ⎉ᏼ त 㙛㖱㋇तᨉ ㅛـ㋇՞ ݩ त㋇՞ ݩ त㋇՞ 㗤ݩ ᙔ৘ ظ㪬ᙔ৘ ㅛـໝᇏ ݩ⎉ᏼ त ᑋ㏣᪪৘ ㋇ᙔ৘ ⧻ワ⩞Ⴧ 㧩࿬㰱৅ᏼ⎉㊦㋇ٕᄣᕈ㙛႙ᙇलকࡺㅛ႙Ӭल㫬౗☲ᝳ⣌㴾 ㋇ᾳᏛㅛـ㧩႙Ӭल㫬ᝳ㕇֍ཌᯌᶜᏼỌ ӳᡨᝳ⯍ཐՀჺսӳ ႙ה⣌㴾ᝳዪ㋇㫩 ㏹႔࢟ⳉై㱓㱦ᏼ⎉ ݩ त⪜㋇ᝳ⣌㴾ഌ‼ কཎ‼㏕㕕तᨉ㒛㕕ࣿആↄ㏕ٕᏢ㫓 ᝳዪ ⩢㋇㫩 ⣠मཪՌ႔㱓㱦ᏼ⎉ ݩ त⪜㋇ᝳ⣌㴾ഌ‼ ཎ‼㏕㕕तᨉ 㒛㕕ࣿᛮↄ㏕ٕᏢ㫓 ᝳዪ ⩢㋇㫩 ᯧᐹ⏇㊦㋇㗤ݩ ᙔ৘ ᝳ㏙֌ᇵԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧ㋇㫩៣ཎඇ ᯧᐹ⏇ظ㪬ݩ त⪜ ݥ⪰ᙔ৘㫬ԋⲖᙔ ᱁ߧभᯧ႙ה Ὅ⣌㴾 ݩ❪ᅤत㊦㋇ㅛـໝᇏ㋇㫩៣ཎඇ ⎑ळࢥ㋇ǀ㘨㏕तᨉ ݩ ༀᙔ৘ ה႙ Ն഍ǀᝳዪ㫩 Ὅ㫬⣌㴾जప㈿㵶ᘘ ݣᇷ㮷ᝯ㫐㊥ ᯧ⏇㊦⪜ཇ☑⧻ワ⩞Ⴧ㫬ᝳዴᇵ⣌㴾⩢ܵݎ㋇㫩 Woodside ㋇ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧ ᝳᯧᇋࡂ↚⣌㴾ܵݎ ᝳዪ⩢㋇㫩 ǀ㗤 929-337-6726 929-337-6578 / 㙛㖱ݩ त㋇तᨉ 718-472-1609 718-675-9968 ⩢ܵݎ㫩718-3090959/646-707-9063 जప㈿➯᫓cinsurance 917-683-0608 917-683-0608 㬵㘆JFK႙ה 917-270-6303 212-732-0873 646-261-2007 804-226-6200 917-681-3139 ٕᄣ/तᨉ Photo lab 99㟚ᄕ㋇ ᝯ㈷ࡂ↚ 㮥ᦼԋᇵ 㑖Ⴊ㵶⪜ ႙☶㉑㈷ ⻹Ꮡ㋇՞ ᙲ႔ᙔ৘ ⪜㿞ࡺჇ 㵶⻊ཌྷ㙚 ⪜㋇ 㵶⻊⪜⣌㴾 JFK⁒᱁ݩ तᑋ⪜ࢽ㕕तᨉকٕᄣᗁ ৘ה ᝳዪ㋇㫩 Ӵែఉ㊦㋇ݥ⪰ᝳ ⣌㴾᱁ߧⲖᙔ⪰ ৘㫬ᝳᘂᆴఫ╲ࣿ ׅᙻ⎑ळࢥ99㟚 ᄕ㋇ᾳᏛ↚㏕৘কᘘ㠤৘㮷፷Ⲗᙔᝳ㏙֌ᇵᝳ ᝩৌ㯀㋇ݥ⪰ᝯ㈷ࡂ ↚ᝳ㕇֍᱁ߧⲖ㊥㙉 ⎑ळࢥ㮥ᦼԋᇵ⪜ ݥ⪰߿ᩇࡂ↚ ݥࢮ⪰㇛ᰑᦼ଍ᘰჇ ㏹႔㑖Ⴊ㵶⻊⪜㋇ᝳ ⣌㴾ᝳ㏙֌ᇵ⎏㷚㛑/ ⪼㛑⯝Գ㏕㛑Ԗ❖㫩 ༀ㈷㉑ݤ ⊺எ㕦։ ݥ⪰ࢮ⪰மज ᝳ㕇֍ ፷ڔ3D ⎑ळࢥ㋇⻹࠲Ⴧࣿ߅⻹৘፷Ⲗ⠛㊥ܵݎ ㊦⪜P/T F/T㗤 ݩ ༀ ᙔ৘➯᫓⯍ ݒ㏦ప㈿ 㫤ఫ╲ᝲ⻊ӳⶃ ᙹཌྷ㙚నᾅప㈿ ⊳᥉ᇌה႙㌴ظ ᫆㘃㉹⪳ ݩ⎉ᏼ त⪜㋇ༀ ݤ ᓞ੷৘㫬ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧ ࡧശӳ㙊ᝳ㏙֌ᇵকٕᄣ৘႙ TSL⡥⡙ᘟᄙ໶ / 㿞ࡺჇ஠㿽F㕕179ヲ߅ऑ㋇㫩929-355-8938㪀 1-5ӳↄᛞ㧿8:30-5pm ᛞ⻊$15㋇email: [email protected] 347-909-3196Ꮅ㫩㛝➯᫓[email protected] com [email protected] 917-375-6933 212-500-1888 Photoshop⣌㴾⩢ 212-979-2719 ⩫ᇵᝯLottoܵݎᝳዪ㋇㫩347-430-8930 㫩718-393-2220㛝[email protected] 717- 875-7697 646-393-7069 646-724-6156 212-4708318ℳ⩞Ⴧ ㋇㫩 ㋇㫩646-918-2285 72㢑ឬ Dž㊦⪜Dž リᘟ՞৘ ႙஠❖႙ ႙ᅐ㊦⪜ ࢽ㕕तᨉ 㧰⚚⢑ㅛ 㶂ᄻ㋇՞ ٕᄣ㋇՞ Ἵ႙ 㦜႙ᅐ㋇ ㋇तᨉ Ⴋ┌؆72㢑ឬ ⪜㋇AB‼तᨉࣿ ݩ त ㊳ᇌ᰻࡚ԋᇵ⪜ݥ⪰/ ݳ⪰リᘟ՞৘ ᫆㘃ഌ ໝ⊳᥉Ꮅஙᡉ⊂ ྊ᫓ ݩ❪ᅤत㋇❖႙㫬፷ ԋⲖᙔᝯ㧷㕕ᝳ႙஠ ⣌㴾ܵݎऔ㋇ᅤ❪႙ ׅ⎑ळࢥ㋇Ӷ㥯㢑Ռ ڶჇἽ㡜भ㞖Ⴧڶ A/B‼तᨉ፷ⲖᙔӲ भᯧ႙ה㕇֍ ႙ᅐ⊂⊄⣌㴾ܵݎᇅ㙘◙ߧ צ ዪ⩢㋇᰽՞Կ㛑㪀ཎඇ ᯧᐹ⏇㶂ᄻ㋇ݥ⪰ᘘ㠤ᝯⲖᙔ ⡥⡙Ⴋ㷥ݐ៣㦜႙ᅐ㊦ᑋ᭜Ἵ႙ক㦜႙ ᾳᏛᙇल⻊ܵᝳ◙ߧ ᝳዪ㋇㫩ज⊬㈲➯լ ㋇ᝳ⣌㴾㦜႙Ⴧڶ ዪ⩢㬷㋄㋇㫩 ޙީޙ᭔ݩ त㊦⪜ ࢮᾳᏛ໫ㅛ⣠ـᐃ႙ അल㮷ᝳ႙ה㕇֍ ᝳ㳍ᾅ ᝳዪ⩢㋇㫩 ᯧᐹ⏇㊦㋇㘨㏕तᨉ ᝳ႙ה⣌㴾 Ridgewood Queens ٕᄣ㋇՞ ჺ⣌㴾भᯧ႙ה㕇֍ᇅ㙘ܵ◙ߧ צ ዪ⩢᰽ 347-865-3283 അल⊂ᾳᏛ㦜႙ ᙔ৘ ᝳዪ㋇㫩 718-497-8500 917-915-1787 917-385-4442 39-07 Prince St Apt 1B 646-835-9020 917-388-0312 ՞কᅤ❪Auto CAD⥾ எ৘516-322-6429 㪀ཎඇ718-961-7300 ߎᨉ3145 646-932-8338 [email protected] 718-961-7300㖿3145 929-337-8004 646-285-6275 917-680-8509 ᇋჇ/ࡂ↚ 99ᄕ㋇՞ 㡔਑ᙔ৘ ᩯᩖतᨉ ⡚㜮㡔਑ ᯧ⏇ݩ༡ ሹ㮷 ᝩৌ㯀 ᝯ㈷᧊㋇ ᝯ㈷☲࡞ ݩ᭔ޙ त ظ㪬ᙔ৘ ᯧ⏇৅‼ظڟ৅ᄕ⪜㡔਑ᙔ৘ᇅ㙘ܵᝳ㡔਑ࣿ⠛㊥Ⲗ㊥⩢ܵݎ 㧩࿬ᩯᩖ㊦㋇⣌㴾㘨㏕तᨉ㊘⏻㏎㏙⻊㝃㬷㍗ᝳዪ㋇㫩 ᱁ߧⲖஇ⠛ݥ⪰ᇋჇ ࡂ↚ᝳ஠⊄⣌㴾⩢ܵ ݎ⻊ܵዪ⩢۔ྊ᫓ ⶶ⵨㜮Ꮛം㡔਑᥉࡞ ৘ᖼᙻᵄ㘻ᝳ㡔਑⣌㴾⯇㳍㕕Ⲗᙔ᱁ߧ⩢ ܵݎ ㋇ᝳ㏙֌ᇵ㊦༰㫓႙㮷፷➯੷Ⲗᙔࣿ⣠ـ㮷ᝳ㕇֍ݥ౗☲႙ה ݪ இ㪡Ῡ㱐ݩ त㫬㇝ Ῡ㱐ᘰ⤞ᛞ㧿⯇⊐㈿ప㏦ݒ⪰ݥݳ ᝳዪ㫩㑤ཎඇ ᝩৌ㯀ൃࢥDrop off ⵖఔᝯ㈷᧊㋇അल ᯧᐹ⏇ᝯ㈷᧊⪜㋇ݥ⪰ᝯ㈷ࡂ↚ক ㊦㋇ᝳ⣌㴾⣠ـڔ㰍❖໫ㅛჇڶ ক ჲ႙ पӬल ㋇㫩 ᯧ⏇ᇨظ㪬ᙔ৘㫬ԋ Ⲗ᱁ߧὍ⣌㴾जప㈿⻊ܵᝳㆅߧ㫩 ㋇ᝳ⣌㴾↚㏕৘ কᘘ㠤पӬल ᯧᐹ⏇ᝳ㕕ᓞ㘨 Գᰚᄕ㋇ݳ⪰߿झ P/T F/T౗☲ᙔ৘ ݥ⪰Deliveryᾳ⤞Ⲗ ႙ה∪ಗ צ⻊ܵऔ㋇༰⨶⊂അल➯᫓ Internᝳ㏙֌ᇵ፷☲ ࡞ܵݎ➯᫓Email [email protected] 718886-5518۔ྊ᫓amber 718-225-0381 646-286-4775 ഍917-353-8095 718-762-2717 ᙔ᫆㘃ໝ⊂ዪ⩢㫩 [email protected] com 347-869-3360 [email protected] com [email protected] com 㫩718-321-2005 㫩 917-302-2000 646-233-6291 646-853-5396 [email protected] ᝯ㈷ᙔ৘ ᝯ㈷Ⴧ᧊ ٕᄣ㋇՞ ㊦⪜ࡂ↚ ᱡ㙛ᗁ ה ݥ⪰तᨉ 㧩࿬ᑋ႙ ᏼ⎉㋇՞ तᨉᕈ㙛 ㊦ᇨ㡔਑ ⪜㋇तᨉ 㗤ݩ ᙔ৘ ᯧᐹ⏇ᅤ❪ݩ त㋇ᝳ ᯧᐹ⏇⪜ᓞ⤇৘ࣿ☲ ࡞ࡂ↚ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧᝯ㈷ཇ᥉⊳᥉ᝳ⣌㴾ᝤ צ ㋇ٕᄣ৘႙ᇷ㫬ᝳभ ᯧ㕇֍⊶፷Ⲗᙔ㫬㳍ᾅᝯ㧷㕕㋇㫩㲮ཎඇ 㗤ݩ ༀᝯ㈷ࡂ↚ទ☑ ໝ᫓ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧ ☶㛑ࡂ↚ᝯ㧷㕕ᝳӳ ݩ त㊦⪜㙊߅ऑ⻊ܵჺ ߧ◙څ ظڟ ᝳ⣌㴾⩢ܵݎ⩠ጳ ᚚ㱓㷚ᏼ⎉⪜ᝳ႙ ה㕇֍ᛆឆӬ⯍Ն ᚝ ⍛◙ߧᝳዪ㫩♥ഞ ᩯᩖ⒢ឬᑋ Ꮲ╖໫ ڶჇㅛ ・ᩖ᥉࡞৘ ݩ⎉ᏼ त㊦㋇ᓞ੷৘ ٕᄣᕈ㙛႙ ᝯ㧷㕕ܵݎ औ㋇㙉Ӳ/୨ᘶ႙ Ⴋ┌င㋇ٕᄣ㘨㏕तᨉऔ㋇ٕᄣ႙՞ ݩ⎉ᏼ तᇨ㡔਑ᝳ㕇֍㳍ᾅ➯੷Ⲗ㊥ ᝳ㡔਑⣌㴾ᝯᅓែ㊂ܵݎ㋇㫩⊬㈲ᇷ୪ ࢈ࢽ㫘⡥⡙9ཎᛞ ⪜㋇㗤ݩ ᙔ৘㮷፷ԋ ᝳभᯧ㕇֍ ᯧᐹ⏇ӳↄ JFK ǀ ⣌㴾ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧOffice ǀ႙ ޙީᱡ㸓ݩ त⪜㘨㏕तᨉ⻊㵶ᇅ㙘ܵ ⲖᙔF/T ǀ ǀᾳᏛ⢑ㅛჇڶ 㕦։ᾳ⤞➯᫓⯍ 4:30-12:00pmᝳ㝴 718-355-0032 347-662-8055 1-347-668-9665 ज㗤H1B㫩㛝➯᫓ [email protected] 㙊ᇵ➯᫓⯍jingwang 㫩718-886-5678 [email protected] ᯧᐹ⏇ᓞ㘨 [email protected] .com㫩718-683-7611 [email protected] 516-547-1023 203-444-6724 203-444-6725 Ⲗ㊥㫩718-782-2049 718-675-2988 631-815-5058 ㊦⪜ ᩯᩖ⒢ឬ 㑖Ⴊ㋇՞ ㊦ᇨ՞৘ ㅛـ㋇՞ ⻹Ꮡ㋇՞ 㵶⻊㊦⪜ ᪹ࡺჇڶ ᝯ㈷ᙔ৘ ㋇तᨉ ԋᙔᏢໃ ⩞՞ԋᇵ ᯧᐹ⏇ᏼ⎉ݩ त㋇ԋⲖᙔ᱁ߧᝯ㧷㕕 ݩᩖᅊत⪜㋇ ߿झ㡔਑ࣿ㗤ݩ ༀࡂ↚㫬Ⲗᙔ᱁ߧ ᾳᏛㅛـ ᙲ㸓Ⳟࣥ㑖Ⴊ㋇⣌㴾⪼㢁Ⴧڶ Ӭल⊶፷Ⲗ ݥ⪰ٕᄣࡂ↚㫬㇝ऩ Ⲍ⩫ࡡ㊘⏻㏎㏙ᾳኀ㰱৅Գ㏕፷ఫទ㫩⭝㫬भᯧ㕇֍ ᝳዪ⩢⊬ ㋇ᾳᏛㅛـჇڶ औ㋇⠢㘻᭢㫩Ⴧڶ㧩ឆ⊇ ႙ᇅ㙘ܵ㫬ᝳ㕇֍⬒ ౗☲㋇㫩 ᯧᐹ⏇㋇⻹࠲Ⴧক৘ ႙⻊ܵ㫬፷ԋⲖᙔ㫩 㚊㩛༗㏪ᚿ ݩ त㵶⻊㊦⪜ࢶ⧻ਦ࡞㋄ߢ ⠢㘻Ⲗ㊥㇛㊥ ݩ୬ त⎉ཿ㫬᭯→ᑋ Ӭलᝳ㎒༛᪹ࡺἜὅ ক㧷⎉⣌㴾⎏झềჇ ڶ⻊㏱㬷㋄⪩⥿՞ ᧊ݎ⊂ ᯧᐹ⏇ᝯ㈷Ⴧ᧊ ᚚ㱓ᏼ⎉㋇ᝳ㘨㏕⣌ ᯧᐹ⏇౗▘ᇨ㗤ݩ ༀ ᙔ৘ᾳԋᙔᏢໃ ⪰ݥ㫬㕇֍ᜡⲖᙔᇅܵྊ ᫓ ᯧ⏇㊦⪜Ⴊౚ㛑Ԗ ❖ক⣌㴾ᙔ৘ཇ᥉ ǀ ㋇ᝯ㈷ࡂ↚&Interns 㴾तᨉ⬒౗☲㧩࿬495㒩38߅ऑᝳዪ㋇㫩 salesকsalesࡂ↚ ᙔऔ㋇ᘘ㠤PTӬल⊶ ፷Ⲗᙔ㫩718-9695338Ꮅ929-335-8138 347-506-8936➯೟E [email protected] ԋⲖ᱁ߧ ᝳ㕇֍ ݩ 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