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What Ben Franklin Would Have

Told Me

(Literary fiction, June, Regal House)

“A dying boy and his caretaker—a survivor of Argentina’s Dirty War— journey to Washington, D.C. and Philadelph­ia to look for the caretaker’s missing wife and child who had been among the Disappeare­d.” WRITES FROM: Cambridge, Mass. PRE-FRANKLIN: In my 20s, I was writing poetry and publishing in literary magazines. … My sentences got longer and became prose. I got the courage to start my first novel, Cave Paintings. An agent … agreed to rep my book, but only sent it to 12 editors. I was asked to rewrite it by two of the editors, but both turned it down. Years passed. I got married, had two children, was a freelance writer for The Boston Globe and other publicatio­ns. TIME FRAME: … Overall, it took close to nine years before my book was “done.” I wrote a complete draft and then put it away for more than a year. After that, I started meeting with a small writing group once a month, where I received valuable feedback. … I rewrote the entire book at least five times. ENTER THE AGENT: I didn’t have an agent for this book. I queried several, but each one wanted something different. … I decided to go with Regal House

[an independen­t literary press]. Jaynie Royal, Editor-in-Chief, is a dream to work with. WHAT I DID RIGHT: Getting past self-doubt. Doing the hard work even though it was difficult. Bringing the story into focus. At some point, the belief in my characters took over and I knew I owed it to them to follow their dreams and frailties to their conclusion. WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE DIFFERENTL­Y: I would have sought out community. At

65, this is my debut novel. But in a sense, I’ve been writing my whole life. … While writing is a solitary endeavor, support from new friends and fellow writers and artists has been enormously helpful. ADVICE FOR WRITERS: Follow your passion. Be willing to adjust your vision. Sometimes what sounds like the perfect beginning needs to go. Be patient with your characters … Facts matter. Take breaks. Stay with it. NEXT UP: I’m finishing Lesser Saints, a collection of short stories. I’ve also started another novel, On Sundays We Played God! WEBSITE: DonnaSGord­on.com

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