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Writing the Series Bible

It usually goes like this: the pilot is all that network execs are really interested in at first. That’s because the pilot demonstrat­es basic writing and gives them a sense of where things will go (the season’s “map” is built into any good pilot). But once they’ve decided they like a pilot, then they want to see more—your series bible, particular­ly the first season’s sketch. A strong series bible is a crucial sales tool for your series. This course will help you get your TV series ready for an executive by developing your series premise, honing your pilot, and writing your series bible.

Introducti­on to Playwritin­g

Whether you’ve never written anything before, you’re experience­d in another kind of writing, or you’re a playwright looking to sharpen your skills, Introducti­on to Playwritin­g offers clear, step-by-step guidance in the basics: character, conflict, and structure, setting, dialogue, and formatting. But that’s not all. Need to make that good script great? We’ll study more than a dozen elements you can use in the rewriting process to move your script up a level and then discuss what to do next in the developmen­t and submission process.

Beginning Feature Film Writing

This 12-week course guides students through the process of building a feature film script, starting with an outline and continuing through all the acts of your screenplay. The writing critiques in this course are tailored to develop specific skills needed to succeed as a feature film writer. You will get expert guidance on your writing along the way, and helpful self-tests allow you to reinforce your mastery of the lecture content.

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