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Investors Back Clean Makeup Brand Saie


Blogger Laney Crowell is behind the brand, which will launch with four products in the fall.

A motley crew of investors — including Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie and LearnVest founder Alexa von Tobel — are joining Unilever Ventures in backing a new clean makeup brand called Saie.

Pronounced “say,” the label is launching in November with four products: a mascara, $24; brow gel, $18; lip balm,

$16, and lavender eyelash curler. It is the brainchild of blogger Laney Crowell, who has also worked at the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. in digital communicat­ions, and web site Stylecaste­r, before starting the project.

Crowell said she got the idea when she went into the beauty closet for her blog, The Moment, and the there was no makeup — only skin care.

“Six months in, I went to the beauty closet looking to find some makeup because I was going out that night, and I opened the doors and was looking and looking and there was no makeup. That was like, my a-ha moment for the fact that there was a real need in the market. I went on Instagram that night and asked my community a million questions,” Crowell said.

In addition to Mycoskie and von Tobel, April Gargiulo, founder of cult skin-care brand Vintner’s Daughter, is also an investor in the brand. Crowell declined to say how much money she raised, but said it would be used for product developmen­t. In its early days, the brand has been sourcing product developmen­t ideas from Crowell’s community and a private 500-person Facebook group where members test products and give feedback.

She’s recruited heavily from the beauty industry for Saie, bringing in Sarah Tillman, who used to work in product developmen­t at Lauder, and Tina Gu, who formerly worked in business developmen­t at Lauder, to handle product developmen­t and finance, respective­ly. Wellness influencer Geri Hirsch, who has about 100,000 followers on Instagram, is the brand’s creative director. Hanna Wiegers, who previously worked in product developmen­t at Kjaer Weis and as a retail associate at Cap Beauty, is in charge of sustainabi­lity.

 ??  ?? Saie is launching with four products — lip balm, mascara, brow gel and
an eyelash curler.
Saie is launching with four products — lip balm, mascara, brow gel and an eyelash curler.
 ??  ?? Laney Crowell launches Saie, a clean makeup line.
Laney Crowell launches Saie, a clean makeup line.

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