WWD Digital Daily : 2019-09-09

New York Special Edition : 3 : 3

New York Special Edition

A KIND REQUEST TO FASHION EDITORS, ADVERTISER­S, COPYWRITER­S AND OTHERS REGARDING THE NAME Dear all, We are , a brand created by a woman who revolution­ized fashion by being authentic to herself. We take great pride in honoring and protecting the legacy of Gabrielle Chanel. Our iconic name, CHANEL, is a registered trademark in the United States and around the world. This means CHANEL should be used only when referring to products that come from the House of CHANEL, including clothing, jewelry, fragrance, makeup, skincare, accessorie­s and watches. For example, a jacket is not “a CHANEL jacket” unless it is ours. Since we care deeply about protecting our brand, we appreciate your cooperatio­n in not using phrases such as “CHANEL style,” “CHANEL-esque,” “CHANEL-like,” “CHANEL-ish,” “CHANEL-ified” or any other variation when referring to products that are not from CHANEL. As always, we sincerely thank you for your continued support. Best regards, , Inc.

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