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Keeping Things Equal


Pari Passu, a shape-based contempora­ry collection for women above size 12, has partnered with nordstrom.com for the launch of their expanded winter 2019 collection. It will be introduced on the site Wednesday.

The brand, which means “on equal footing” and was founded by Shanna Goldstone, launched in February. The 14-piece winter collection, which includes a tailored suit, button-down shirts, a lightweigh­t wool robe, a silk pussy bow blouse and a reembroide­red lace shell with silk trim, retails from $95 to $795, and is made in New York from premium Italian and Japanese fabrics with highend finishes and details.

Goldstone previously worked as a retail consultant and art director of Melissa McCarthy’s short-lived plus-size collection. While researchin­g the market, she realized that overall the industry’s sizing system wasn’t accurate for women size 12 and up, and companies were using outdated design and grading processes for plus-size garments.

With the goal of solving the problem, she analyzed more than 7,500 3-D body scans of her target customers to better understand their body shapes and fit needs. From her research, she identified three distinct body shapes, which she coined Shape B, Shape C and Shape D. (the curviest body type, the most underserve­d shape and the modified hourglass), with varying body proportion­s and specs for each. Goldstone then created an innovative shapefocus­ed sizing system that includes seven sizes for each of the three body shapes — 21 sizes in total. She then developed an online fit tool powered by a proprietar­y algorithm so that customers can easily determine their Pari Passu fit.

“At Pari Passu, we’re doing something radically different; designing clothes specifical­ly for curvy bodies. Pari Passu levels the playing field. We’re building a brand for the forgotten majority, creating the kind of luxurious products and elevated shopping experience curvy women want and have long deserved,” said Goldstone.

Goldstone will be doing some trunk shows at select Nordstrom stores. The first one will be Nov. 14 in Pentagon City, D.C., and the second one will be Nov. 16 at their Michigan Avenue store in Chicago.

In addition to nordstrom. com, the brand is also available at its own e- commerce site, paripassus­hop.com.


 ??  ?? A winter look from Pari Passu.
A winter look from Pari Passu.

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