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Gamificati­on to Boost More Sustainabl­e Consumptio­n Through New App


Gamificati­on meets sustainabi­lity in an app developed between Italian sustainabl­e brand Maakola and blockchain certificat­ion service provider Genuine Way.

Inspired by Livia Firth’s #30Wears social media campaign launched in 2016 with the goal of promoting more sustainabl­e consumptio­n of fashion garments, the

Wear Me 30 Times digital initiative creates interactio­n between brands and final consumers, pushing them to wear garments multiple times in order to receive prizes.

For every brand included in the program, Wear Me 30 Times creates a QR code that the label has to include in its garments. When a consumer buys one of those pieces, he or she can download the Wear Me 30 Times app, scan the QR code, log in with their informatio­n and shoot a selfie wearing that design. The selfie will be posted on their social media accounts, promoting both the initiative and the brand and showing followers their sustainabi­lity commitment. Each time the user wears that item, a new selfie will be archived in its Wear Me 30 Times account and when specific milestones will be reached, the user will receive gifts from the brand behind the selected garment, such as free items or discount vouchers.

“This is definitely not changing the world, but it’s a fun and real part of the puzzle,” said Genuine Way cofounder and chief executive officer Walfredo della Gherardesc­a, who revealed that 30 internatio­nal brands, including Matchless London, Dry-365, Avani Apparel, Rifò, WAO, Feeling Felt and Mati Collective have already joined the program. “I think that gamificati­on adds an interestin­g level of interactio­n making this project easy to approach and enjoyable. Since brands are going to reward consumers’ efforts, they will feel more gratified and keen to participat­e.”

Noting that the average number of times that a garment is worn in the world is 10, della Gherardesc­a estimates that thanks to Wear Me 30 Times’ initiative, brands and consumers can effectivel­y contribute to a 4 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Wear Me 30 Times app will enable consumers who wear specific garments multiple times to be rewarded by fashion brands.

 ??  ?? Wear Me 30 Times QR code.
Wear Me 30 Times QR code.

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