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Iconix Consolidat­es Control of PONY

● The brand, which stands for Product of New York, is coming home to the city where it was founded.


Iconix Internatio­nal Inc. is doubling down on PONY, expanding its rights to the brand in a deal with Symphony Holdings — putting most of the business under one roof and back in New York City.

The brand management company, which acquired North American rights to the PONY name in 2015, has now snatched up rights to the brand in the rest of the world, except in China and Taiwan, where it is controlled by a third party.

Hong Kong-based Symphony will continue to help manage the brand in much of the Asia Pacific region under a joint venture.

Iconix said the deal will maximize the value of PONY by consolidat­ing control and putting the headquarte­rs in Manhattan.

That brings PONY back to its roots just as the brand turns 50 this year.

PONY stands for “Product of New York” and has made its mark across a variety of sports, including basketball, football, baseball, boxing, soccer and tennis.

“Sports remains a key focal point of our portfolio and PONY, with its strong brand recognitio­n and rich heritage in both sport and fashion has significan­t potential for global growth,” said Bob Galvin, chief executive officer of Iconix. “We look forward to evolving the brand to introduce it to a new generation, while also connecting with consumers that already value its heritage. In addition, PONY will be celebratin­g its 50th anniversar­y later this year with a very exciting relaunch of the brand with our partners around the world.”

Cheng Tun Nei, chairman and CEO of Symphony, said: “The group is delighted to collaborat­e with Iconix once again on the PONY brand through the sale of its global trademarks. At the same time, we will mobilize our resources to manage PONY’s business in the Asia Pacific region through a joint venture set up.”

Iconix, which was taken private by Lancer Capital last year, owns, licenses and markets Ocean Pacific, Danskin, Starter, Umbro, Ecko Unltd. and more.

“In the future, you will see a growth economy in China [again] but right now, the predominan­t inhibitor of growth is the lockdown. But that will also be the primary opener for growth [when lockdowns end].”


 ?? ?? Iconix is grabbing control at PONY.
Iconix is grabbing control at PONY.

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