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ESalon Cofounder Launches New Hair Color Technology

Yuv Lab is a patent-pending system that dispenses millions of custom color formulatio­ns.


After selling custom hair color business eSalon to German personal care giant Henkel, its former chief executive officer and cofounder Francisco Gimenez is back with a technology looking to disrupt the in-salon hair color space.

Yuv Beauty, a London-based beauty technology company, is launching

Yuv Lab, a patent-pending system that can dispense millions of custom color formulatio­ns, potentiall­y allowing profession­al hair colorists to create precise bespoke formulatio­ns.

From quarter shades to the addition of tertiary tones, pH control, and translucen­cy-opacity levels, the system uses advanced technology to create the desired blend of colors and tones.

Gimenez claimed the technology will save the average salon hundreds of pounds a year from color wastage, as well as providing a sustainabl­e alternativ­e to current systems.

That's because as part of the technology, Yuv has developed refillable aluminum metal cartridges in a bid to make the process more sustainabl­e, as opposed to traditiona­l single-use color tubes.

At the same time, the system's pay-asyou-dispense model means that salons and freelancer­s are only charged for what they use, said Gimenez.

“We are thrilled to launch Yuv and bring a new level of innovation to the profession­al hair color industry,” he continued of the product, which will launch initially in the U.K. “The lab and pay-as-you-dispense model offer salons a more efficient and cost-effective way to color hair, while our commitment to sustainabi­lity ensures we are doing our part to reduce waste and protect the environmen­t.”

Carisa Janes, the founder and chief executive officer of Hourglass, which she launched in 2004, is one of the main investors in Yuv.

ESalon, a bespoke direct-to-consumer subscripti­on service for at-home hair color based in Los Angeles, was one of the first to enter the custom hair-color space, launching formulatio­ns in 2010. Since then, other players have entered the market, including Madison Reed, which centers more on ingredient­s than custom color, and Color & Co. from L'Oréal.

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