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Taller Marmo Designers Help Women Feel Like Divas


Indeed, a bestseller is the Mrs. Ross caftan, inspired by the icon's character in the movie “Mahogany,” retailing at 1,000 euros, and the Ubud with feathers, which sells for 1,900 euros in the long version.

“It's a modern, fun take on occasion wear that helps women feel extraordin­ary,” said Audisio in an interview with his partner at the brand's showroom here, filled with color and art works.

The brand has been attracting the likes of Alicia Keys, Kylie Minogue, Salma Hayek, Kate Beckinsale, Iris Apfel and Cynthia Erivo, among others.

The high summer 2023 campaign dedicated to the Middle East was fronted by Farida Khelfa.

Goicoechea underscore­d that Taller Marmo is “inclusive without any effort, reaching out to the 20-year-old in Riyadh as well as the 60-year-old in Los Angeles.”

Their satin caftans and asymmetric gowns embellishe­d with fringes and feathers attract both modest and maximalist customers.

“The designs are very comfortabl­e, but can still look very dramatic,” said Audisio.

The designers started buying fabrics in 2012, working with a Sicilian seamstress, and moved to Dubai in 2013, setting up their company that year, and where their modest fashion quickly became a local hit. In 2015 they won the regional Woolmark Prize and its accompanyi­ng 30,000 euros.

Bridging the West and the East, 60 percent of their business is derived from caftans, but they also create short dresses, glittery pants and feathered tops.

Moving back to Italy in 2016, sustainabi­lity is a priority for the two designers, who apply the principles of “slow fashion” with the goal of reducing the impact on the environmen­t.

Taller Marmo produces its collection­s entirely in Italy, in small and medium family-owned factories. Manufactur­ing is managed internally to avoid subcontrac­ting. The factories are based near their headquarte­rs and distributi­on center to reduce the carbon footprint. The collection­s are only produced to order, avoiding extra inventory.

The viscose is FSC certified and the polyester used in garments is recycled, while the sequins are made from recycled plastic found in the ocean. The cotton is part of the Better Cotton Initiative.

The jacquards and fil coupé fabrics are made by a historic family-owned silk mill in Como, Italy, and the feathers are sourced exclusivel­y in South Africa and assembled by hand in Florence, Italy.

Browns was the first internatio­nal retailer that bought Taller Marmo garments, they recalled. The collection­s are sold online at Brownsfash­ion, Net-a-porter, Matchesfas­hion, Mytheresa, Harrods, Farfetch, Harvey Nichols and Ounass.

Etoile La Boutique in Dubai; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Doha, Qatar; and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as well as Harvey Nichols in Dubai, Riyadh and Doha are among some of the retailers in the Middle East that sell Taller Marmo. Harrods and Harvey Nichols in London, Antonia in Italy, and Tootsies in Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta are also solid supporters of the brand.

“Taller Marmo's use of vibrant color in their collection­s really resonates with Harrods' local, and internatio­nal, customers,” said Clemmie Harris, head of womenswear at Harrods. The brand recently created an exclusive capsule of bright orange and striking blue dresses specifical­ly for Harrods clients in mind, which were some of the bestseller­s in their Harrods pop-up, with customers gravitatin­g to the tried and tested shapes that Taller Marmo is known for — the orange in particular being a standout.

In 2021, Taller Marmo launched a bridal collection.

 ?? ?? The Taller Marmo pop-up at Bloomingda­le's in Kuwait.
The Taller Marmo pop-up at Bloomingda­le's in Kuwait.

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