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Louis Vuitton’s Newest California- inspired Scent Born at Polo Lounge

The French house hosted a wellness event in Malibu on Wednesday to celebrate the launch of Pacific Chill.


“Thanks for coming to our wedding,” joked Alex Israel, walking through rows of lined benches in the open air, alongside Louis Vuitton's maître parfumeur Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud.

It's a marriage of artistry; the two presented their latest fragrance collaborat­ion, the fifth in the series, Pacific Chill. They faced an audience of influencer­s and press overlookin­g the ocean, perched atop the hills of Malibu on Wednesday.

“They certainly brought the Pacific chill,” remarked a reporter with a chuckle. It was a particular­ly hazy view of the beach town, where the luxury French house took over a property to immerse guests into the world of the scent.

It's a world inspired by California, with notes of black currant, cédrat, basil, lemon, coriander, as well as carrot seeds and orange.

“Of course, I had to respect what I was drinking,” said Cavallier-Belletrud prior to the event — a wellness day that included a sound bath and yoga session. He was referencin­g a juice that sparked the inspiratio­n behind the newest creation: the 14 Carrot Gold served at the Beverly Hills Hotel's Polo Lounge. Made of carrot, orange and ginger, he enjoyed it every morning while visiting Los Angeles about a year ago. On one of those days, he was with Israel.

“The weather was quite nice,” he explained. “It was the beginning of April.”

The artist had asked him how he finds inspiratio­n for fragrances, and CavallierB­elletrud said: “I said, ‘Well, Alex, that is very simple.' We were surrounded by trees, small plants and the smell of black currant. I said, ‘Well, inspiratio­n of this place, for example, is this juice I've been drinking for a few days every morning that's bringing a lot of energy to me. That's very L.A. for me. And this black currant note around us.'”

Pacific Chill was born then and there, with soft fruity notes coming through in the end. Cavallier-Belletrud considers it the “detox” scent of the bunch.

The wellness sensibilit­ies of California, as well as its social causes — from “protecting nature” to “defending minorities” — resonate with CavallierB­elletrud. It's a fragrance developed to open both the senses and mind.

“I love the West Coast,” he said. “I love the freedom from this piece of land in the United States.”

Israel, born and bred in L.A., offers a direct connection to the city.

“With Alex, it's very free,” CavallierB­elletrud said of collaborat­ing. The perfumer sources ingredient­s globally before bringing a creation to life in his atelier, located in Grasse. Enveloped in a blue-green hued vessel, a 100-ml. bottle of Pacific Chill retails for $300.

“Our discussion­s are really very important to me, because he is the master of California,” Cavallier-Belletrud continued of Israel. “As we are together, both of us artists, we have a bridge built on emotions. And he's bringing to me all these very strong emotions from California.”

Israel began collaborat­ing with Louis Vuitton in 2018 with the release of his Artycapuci­nes handbag, which launched a year later. He has also created scarves, small leather goods and a surfboard with the house.

“As we've gotten more comfortabl­e working with one another over time, the brand has allowed me to become more involved in the creative marketing,” Israel wrote via email. “With Pacific Chill, this added responsibi­lity has ranged from naming the fragrance to allowing me, for the first time, to direct our collaborat­ion's live action content featuring Miranda Kerr.”

He worked on branding, including the fragrance's name, campaign, packaging and “visual identity,” he added. His aim was to “capture this unique aspect of Los Angeles life — the city's love of wellness and nature and its cool, uncanny morning light — in a bottle. Literally.”

Of the final result, he noted: “It's a testament to Jacques' talent that it really does something so effectivel­y, it really captures this whole ethos, in a way that no other fragrance has even attempted to do before. It doesn't just illustrate L.A. wellness culture, it becomes a part of it: you want to apply it first thing in the morning as a prelude to your hike, your stretch, or your morning workout.”

 ?? ?? The scene at the Louis Vuitton Pacific Chill launch.
The scene at the Louis Vuitton Pacific Chill launch.
 ?? A 100-ml. bottle of Pacific Chill retails for $300. ??
A 100-ml. bottle of Pacific Chill retails for $300.

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