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They make the games we love, but what do they play for fun? We ask de­vel­op­ers to pick their faves from Xbox his­tory. This month:

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The ve­hi­cle and course graphics of Forza

Mo­tor­sport 5 (1) are gor­geous, and the to­tal sup­port fea­ture was also en­tic­ing. The game of­fered a sense of steady im­prove­ment thanks to its Rewind fea­ture, which al­lowed the player to go back a cer­tain amount of time and have another shot. Mak­ing it through a race was truly mov­ing. I also re­ally like the ex­pan­sive open-world map made for ex­hil­a­rat­ing ac­tion in Sun­set Over­drive (2). You could ride elec­tric lines, handrails etc, and there was also jump-based game­play where you used trees, para­sols, and so on. Once you learned the con­trols you could hit some re­ally high speeds, and I re­mem­ber hav­ing a lot of fun just rac­ing through the city. I would play Gears Of War 3 (3) with my friends, and we would push deeper into the story mode each night, and also do speed runs in the Horde co-op mode. I have fond mem­o­ries of us work­ing to­gether, talk­ing our plans through, and co­or­di­nat­ing when we would use our weapons, things like that. Por­tal 2 (4) did a mag­nif­i­cent job of fus­ing puzzle and ac­tion el­e­ments. There were some stages that I just couldn’t clear, and it was a real joy to fi­nally do so by just go­ing full on, do­ing what felt right at the time with­out too much plan­ning. The on­line co-op in Splin­ter Cell Con­vic­tion (5) was re­ally in­ter­est­ing. Even if you were do­ing well, if you were dis­cov­ered by your op­po­nent then it was all over. This made for a feel­ing of real ten­sion that just isn’t there in sin­gle player modes.

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