So many lo­ca­tions, so many time­lines. So many op­por­tu­ni­ties to stick peo­ple with hid­den blades

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We’ve climbed the high­est points and ex­plored ev­ery se­cret in As­sas­sin’s Creed: Ori­gins, and af­ter shak­ing the sand from our boots our eyes are look­ing to the fu­ture. We know there will be an­other As­sas­sin’s Creed, but when and where will it be set? It’s any­one’s guess… specif­i­cally Team OXM’s. Stephen: I sus­pect the next ti­tle will stay in the same time pe­riod as

Ori­gins, but maybe move to Rome. The story ended in a way that left Aya’s story open. Plus, I’d def­i­nitely like to see Rome be­fore all of the fa­mous mon­u­ments turned to ru­ins. War­ren: The Colos­seum and Em­peror Nero’s gar­dens alone would make amaz­ing set-pieces, bustling with NPCs. It’d be an amaz­ing sight to see both in their hey­day, in all their pre­sack­ing ex­trav­a­gance.

Adam: Well I’m des­per­ate for the next game to be set in Feu­dal Ja­pan. As­sas­sin’s fit per­fectly with samu­rai and ninja, not to men­tion all the amaz­ing sets of ar­mor we’d be treated to. It’s what I’ve wanted since the se­ries be­gan. Be­sides, there was that in-game email in Black Flag hint­ing at it as a lo­ca­tion, so it’s bound to hap­pen even­tu­ally. War­ren: Xbox own­ers missed out on Team Ninja’s ex­cel­lent Nioh last year, so see­ing AC make the move to the Far East would re­ally spice things up. Set­ting the game in Ja­pan’s Sen­goku pe­riod would be awe­some.

Daniella: If that’s the case, I would love to see it set dur­ing the fall of the Edo pe­riod when a bit of moder­nity started creep­ing in. It would work well along­side Syn­di­cate’s time­line.

Stephen: It would also give us a chance to maybe see some of mod­ern-day Ja­pan when they’re out­side of the an­i­mus. There could be some awe­some scenes, ei­ther in the mid­dle of the Ja­panese coun­try­side, or right in the cen­ter of a huge, neon-soaked city. Daniella: I’d also re­ally like to see an As­sas­sin’s that feels a lit­tle closer to the orig­i­nals in style. I’d love to go all Game Of Thrones and visit Dubrovnik— maybe have a lit­tle boat to take you out to some is­lands in the Adri­atic. Stephen: That would be re­ally cool. One thing I missed in Ori­gins was the abil­ity to run across rooftops and cross

large ar­eas smoothly with­out touch­ing the floor. Some slightly more mod­ern set­tings could help with that.

War­ren: If it’s rooftop free-run­ning you’re af­ter then how about a more mod­ern set­ting. A city like Chicago back dur­ing the Al Capone era would make a suit­ably cor­rupt sce­nario. Stephen: I think there’s more they could do with In­dia, Rus­sia, and China—

lo­ca­tions fea­tured in the Chron­i­cles spin-offs. It’d be great to see those places recre­ated in full 3D. Rus­sia could be awe­some, and the col­ors in the In­dia game were in­cred­i­ble. Adam: The two-year gap between

Syn­di­cate and Ori­gins seemed to work, and Ori­gins was a bet­ter game for it. I re­ally hope they stick to that cy­cle. I have too many games to get through in a year as it is.

Daniella: Def­i­nitely, it keeps things fresh, and it still feels like they’ve had loads of ex­tras to cover that long gap with things like the Dis­cov­ery tour. With that in mind though, I’d love to see them go back and re­make one and two while in­clud­ing Dis­cov­ery tour fea­tures. Adam: The Dis­cov­ery tour should be a fea­ture in ev­ery As­sas­sin’s game from now on. For me, a lot of the ap­peal of these games is ex­plor­ing the world and finding all about its his­tory. War­ren: I agree, a re­make for the first wouldn’t go a miss. Al­though the story is still great, it’s the game that’s prob­a­bly aged the worst. Stephen: True. Those mis­sions got su­per repet­i­tive. Didn’t the first game fea­ture those eaves­drop­ping mis­sions? Those were the worst. Adam: Yup! Spy on this per­son, rough this one up, pick­pocket an­other and as­sas­si­nate the enemy. Please re­peat in ev­ery lo­ca­tion. Thanks. Daniella: The way you guys com­plain about it I don’t think ei­ther of you would be very good as­sas­sins. The first game taught you true pa­tience to be one, it’s not all glamor and Ea­gle dives you know. Adam: If there’s no glamor and Ea­gle dives, I’m out. Daniella: I think you should be more pa­tient—you should have to wait three years while ev­ery­one else waits two. That’ll teach you. Stephen: Hey, that’s not fair! I can be pa­tient! Some­times I don’t just run in and kill ev­ery­one there with my gi­ant flam­ing sword…

“Chicago back dur­ing Al Capone would make a suit­ably cor­rupt sce­nario”

Left Ori­gins’ qual­ity has given new life to the se­ries, pos­si­bly be­cause of the ex­tra devel­op­ment time.

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