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We all think we lead hard lives, but the pro­tag­o­nists of the games in this month’s pre­views sec­tion have it rough. Take Dr Jonathan Reid in Vampyr (p26), who’s spent the ma­jor­ity of his life sav­ing oth­ers, but now has to take those lives to sate his own blood­lust, hav­ing turned into a vam­pire. Or the dwarves in

Deep Rock Galac­tic (p30). These brutes might pre­fer to drink flagons of mead as op­posed to blood, but they don’t have it much bet­ter. Sure they travel around the gal­axy lis­ten­ing to heavy metal but they spend the ma­jor­ity of their time in dark caves, min­ing and get­ting at­tacked by arach­nid type aliens. We thought we saw hope in the life of Otto in Masters

Of Anima (p32) but we were fools. Ev­ery­thing started out well with the sound of wed­ding bells on the wind, but Otto’s fi­ancée’s soul gets scat­tered around the world, and to put her back to­gether he needs to raise a mag­i­cal army. Then you’ve got the chil­dren in A Plague Tale: In­no­cence (p36). These lit­tle crea­tures are on the run, and have a swarm of deadly plague-rid­den rats with glow­ing red eyes nip­ping at their heels. How about be­ing con­vinced to give up your first born child to save the world? Well, that’s what Sachi in Smoke And Sac­ri­fice (p38) has to deal with. So the next time you’re hav­ing a bad day, spare of thought for these poor souls, will you?





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