the big pic­ture: planet al­pha

Ex­plore a beau­ti­ful alien plat­former world in Planet Al­pha

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We never ex­pected some­thing so pretty and green to come out of the mind of some­one who used to work on Hit­man and Kane And Lynch 2, but Adrian Lazar has been beaver­ing away on this stunning game for the last four years, and is now teaming up with Team17 to bring it to the masses.

It’s a side-scrolling puz­zle plat­former set on alien planet full of space whales, cu­ri­ous plants that glow softly, and gar­ishly col­ored vines. As you ex­plore the planet you’ll un­cover the abil­ity to ro­tate and con­trol the planet to over­come ob­sta­cles in your path, such as crum­bling ter­rain. You’ll also learn that de­spite how beau­ti­ful ev­ery­thing might be there’s also some­thing a lit­tle sin­is­ter go­ing on in the back­ground—tech go­ing to war with na­ture, per­haps. It just goes to show that no mat­ter how ad­vanced your space­ship is it can still be taken out by a rogue fly­ing whale. Even if it is hid­ing a dark se­cret, we can’t wait to see more of this gor­geous planet.

Planet Al­pha will re­lease at some point in 2018.

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