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There’s a lot of room for big sur­prises at this year’s E3, and we’re get­ting ex­cited

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Mi­crosoft looks like it’s break­ing out the big guns at this year’s Elec­tronic En­ter­tain­ment Expo. It has booked an en­tire build­ing, the Mi­crosoft The­atre, for their show­ing, a de­ci­sion that should speak to their con­fi­dence go­ing into E3. But just what ex­actly does Mi­crosoft have to show this year? Will it re­ally fill an en­tire build­ing? It very well might.

There are al­ready an­nounced ti­tles likely to make an ap­pear­ance. Ex­pect to see more of Crack­down3, per­haps even a live demo of the long-in-the­mak­ing open-world ti­tle? Then there are ex­cit­ing in­die ti­tles like Ashen and Below to re­ally di­ver­sify the Xbox lineup. We’re hop­ing Mi­crosoft con­tin­ues its trend of bol­ster­ing small indies and giv­ing them a place on the big stage. Cup­head was a win­ner and so the in­die scene is a rich well we hope Mi­crosoft re­turn to.

Wal­mart Canada listed sev­eral ti­tles for pre-or­der in­clud­ing Halo6, Gears

OfWar5 and Forza­Hori­zons5 among oth­ers. While it’s best to take that as lit­tle bet­ter than spec­u­la­tion, some of those could be the most ex­cit­ing an­nounce­ments of all. It’s cer­tainly been long enough now since Halo

5 that the an­nounce­ment of a new ti­tle in the sci-fi shooter se­ries could hap­pen. It’s also been a cou­ple of years now since GearsOfWar4 so a new en­try sim­i­larly seems likely. Ob­vi­ously a Forza­Hori­zon4 hasn’t even been re­leased yet so that list­ing is, at the very least, a typo, but again, the tim­ing seems right and an up­date for Forza­Mo­tor­sport7, adding an ar­ray of British cars to the game, got fans spec­u­lat­ing about a new Hori­zon set in Bri­tain.

Among the ti­tles ‘leaked’ were a new As­sas­sin’sCreed, Splin­terCell, Border­lands, and Rage2(tha­tone’s

def­i­nite,seep10!). Per­haps some of those might make an ap­pear­ance dur­ing Mi­crosoft’s press brief­ing?

Halo there

But there are other Xbox fran­chises that per­haps de­serve a re­turn. De­spite the demise of Lion­head Studios, it seems pos­si­ble that a new Fa­ble game could still be in the works. The se­ries was very pop­u­lar af­ter all. Or per­haps Mi­crosoft will have some­thing new for

Minecraft fans? A Minecraft2 would

“It seems pos­si­ble that a new Fa­ble game could still be in the works”

cer­tainly be a mas­sive an­nounce­ment. Any­thing feels pos­si­ble right now for Xbox, though it might be a bit much to hope for that Brute

Force se­quel. To cover it all, Mi­crosoft will be stream­ing their press con­fer­ence, but their re­vived In­side Xbox show will also be pro­vid­ing cov­er­age through­out E3, with its own set of an­nounce­ments, game demos and in­ter­views. Both will be streamed through Mixer at The press con­fer­ence will be streamed on June 10, at 1pm Pa­cific Time, while the In­side Xbox stream will start the fol­low­ing day, June 11, at 3pm Pa­cific Time. There’s cer­tainly the po­ten­tial for Xbox to steal the show this year and we’re very much on the alert to see just what Mi­crosoft has in store. ■

Ab ove With a whole build­ing booked for the du­ra­tion of E3, Mi­crosoft must have lots to show.

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