Sea­son 4 brings comets, aliens, and Marvel’s big-chinned pur­ple bad­die to Fort­nite

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Fort­nite’s Sea­son 4 ar­rived with quite lit­er­ally a bang this month, as Epic Games’ su­per­pop­u­lar shooter had its map rad­i­cally al­tered by a gi­ant space rock crash­ing into it, and a ton of alien and su­per­hero re­lated cos­tumes, events, and items fol­lowed in its wake.

On top of this, For­nite’s Bat­tle Royale fans got to play as Marvel su­per-A-hole Thanos in a spe­cial event called The In­fin­ity War Lim­ited Time Mash Up, which ran for just one week, May 8-15. The Mash-up Bat­tle Royale mode was sim­i­larly a 100-player PVP, with the main dif­fer­ence be­ing a grab for Thanos’ In­fin­ity Gaunt­let, which the Mad Ti­tan must have care­lessly dropped onto the bat­tle­ground, pos­si­bly af­ter click­ing his fin­gers and wip­ing out 50 play­ers in one go.

The first to grab the big glove got to be Thanos—with no guns or build­ing abil­ity, but with a mas­sive health boost and the power to jump might­ily and blast ev­ery­one into obliv­ion with a su­per-charged beam from the Gaunt­let. Killing Thanos gave you the chance to pick up the Gaunt­let and run with it as ev­ery­one’s fa­vorite pur­ple geno­ci­dal ma­niac.

A-list col­lab­o­ra­tions

It turns out the Marvel- For­nite col­lab­o­ra­tion was a re­sult of Avengers:

In­fin­i­tyWar di­rec­tors Joe and An­thony Russo be­ing huge fans of the game. The Rus­sos ad­mit­ted to fre­quently break­ing from edit­ing this year’s big­gest film to jump on for a ses­sion of Bat­tle Royale. Joe Russo re­vealed to En­ter­tain­men­tWeekly: “We started think­ing, how cool would it be to have some kind of Avengers, For­nite mashup? So we stalked Don­ald [Mus­tard, Epic Games’ world­wide cre­ative di­rec­tor].” “In­fin­ity War di­rec­tors Joe and An­thony Russo are huge fans of Fort­nite”

Since its launch in July 2017, and sub­se­quent Bat­tle Royale bolt-on in Septem­ber ’17, such head­line­grab­bing events and reg­u­larly up­dated new fea­tures and cos­tumes are one of the many rea­sons For­nite feels as un­stop­pable a force as Thanos him­self. The game boasted 3.4 mil­lion con­cur­rent Bat­tle Royale play­ers at last count. A tie-in with Marvel could be just the be­gin­ning for A-list col­lab­o­ra­tions, and we can’t wait to see what might be next for the game.

Mean­while, For­nite’s Sea­son 4 has re­vealed a num­ber of new lo­ca­tions in­clud­ing a huge crater at the comet’s crash-site—com­plete with govern­ment-led science porta-labs— plus a brand new drive-in movie area called Risky Reels and a scat­ter­ing of blue space crys­tals that al­low play­ers lim­ited su­per-jumps. The game’s Bat­tle Pass tier sys­tem, which un­locks new stuff as you progress through each sea­son, this time in­cludes cool-look­ing su­per­hero-style cos­tumes, new dance moves, and other cos­metic touches, plus XP and V-Bucks re­wards. For­nite’s co-op Save The World PVE mode, mean­while, has ben­e­fit­ted from a new in-game event story that has play­ers chas­ing space­rock sam­ples and rid­ing newly-added hov­er­boards—which means blast­ing Husks, Lob­bers, Sploders, Bee­hive­heads, and other ‘weirdies’ is now even more fun. ■

Above Thanos for the mem­o­ries: The pur­ple bad guy starred in May’s week-long Fort­nite event. right Craters, space rocks and cool new stuff turned up in Fort­nite’s Bat­tle Royale Sea­son 4.

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