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They make the games we love, but what do they play for fun? We ask de­vel­op­ers to pick their faves from Xbox his­tory. This month:

XBox: The Official Magazine (US) - - OXM OUT - Andy Grif­fiths

Project Gotham Rac­ing 2 [1] opened my eyes to the po­ten­tial of con­sole mul­ti­player games. I nagged my mom in­ces­santly for broad­band just to get my OG Xbox on­line, and from the first race I was ab­so­lutely hooked. That game also proved that on­line com­mu­ni­ties will al­ways find a way to have fun out­side of the rules you’ve set as a de­vel­oper—cat and mouse any­one? Crackdown [2] also sticks out for its clever co-op wizardry. The me­mory of drop-kick­ing my best pal off the Agency tower at the cen­ter of the map, af­ter climb­ing it for a good five min­utes, still makes me laugh. I still also go back to Mass Ef­fect 2 [3] ev­ery few years. That feel­ing of be­ing a bad-ass space marine/diplo­mat is in­tox­i­cat­ing, and the nar­ra­tive de­ci­sions are gen­uinely im­pact­ful (sorry, Kaiden!). De­sign­ing be­liev­able char­ac­ters in videogames is hard, es­pe­cially lik­able ones, but BioWare nailed it. Dead Ris­ing 2 [4] re­mains my go-to ex­pe­ri­ence for im­part­ing some mind­less vi­o­lence on zom­bies when the mood strikes. There’s some­thing very sat­is­fy­ing about see­ing that zom­bie kill counter go up. If I ever need my gam­ing pal­ette cleansed of the af­ter­taste of vi­o­lence, I boot up Banjo Ka­zooie

Nuts & Bolts [5]. Its ca­pac­ity to make you feel gen­uinely smart while snap­ping dif­fer­ent wheels, wings, and rocket boost­ers onto cob­bled-to­gether chas­sis still makes the game feel re­fresh­ingly dif­fer­ent. Just make sure you mute those sound ef­fects, as Grun­tilda’s squeaks will drive you crazy!

Andy Grif­fiths Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Man­ager, Free­jam

Andy’s work day in­volves in­ter­act­ing with the Robocraft

In­fin­ity com­mu­nity, and strate­giz­ing the game’s fu­ture up­dates. When he isn’t re­mov­ing ‘sug­ges­tive ro­bots’ from the in-game Fac­tory, he’s pin­ing for a new Burnout.

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