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Metal Gear Solid movie di­rec­tor cel­e­brates the game’s 31st an­niver­sary with new art

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Gear Solid movie that was first an­nounced back in 2012 has not been par­tic­u­larly forth­com­ing in re­cent years. In fact it’s been so silent that we had as­sumed that the project wasn’t ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing any more, so when di­rec­tor Jor­dan Vogt-Roberts re­cently posted a 31st an­niver­sary project on Twit­ter that con­firmed the movie was still on its way we were sur­prised. Though we guess sneak­ing up out of nowhere is to be ex­pected from a movie all about a hero of the stealth world.

Dur­ing this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Vogt-Roberts an­nounced that he’s been cre­at­ing 31 pieces of new art that cap­tured the spirit of the Metal Gear uni­verse. While he was quick to clar­ify that this wasn’t of­fi­cially from the game se­ries or movie he’s work­ing on, to cover his le­gal bases, he did con­firm that more de­tails would be on the way soon and in the mean­time we got a good look at his in­spi­ra­tions.

The art cov­ers all time pe­ri­ods from the se­ries, and in­cludes snip­pets of Snake and other fa­mous char­ac­ters in the heat of bat­tle, but oth­ers are pure scene-set­ting— cap­tur­ing the essence of just why so many fans fell in love with the se­ries in the first place. One im­age is of the Metal Gear Rex mech stand­ing over vi­brant green rice pad­dies as work­ers con­tinue about their busi­ness. It’s great to pic­ture such a hulk­ing me­chan­i­cal mon­stros­ity ex­ist­ing in ev­ery­day life.

Codec call

The movie it­self will have its work cut out for it to make sense of a decades­long and fa­mously com­pli­cated plot. Vogt-Roberts has said that it won’t be a di­rect re­make of any one game, which makes sense as there’s just far too much to cover to do it jus­tice; in­stead it will be an adap­ta­tion, but not one that flies too far away from the source ma­te­rial. This seems like the smartest move to us, as faith­ful recre­ations of games never come across well in cin­ema (sorry Tomb

Raider), so some­thing looser has a far bet­ter chance of suc­ceed­ing by fo­cus­ing on cap­tur­ing an as­pect of the game’s core.

He’s also been con­sult­ing with Hideo Ko­jima to make sure he cap­tures the spirit of it prop­erly. Of course, Ko­jima be­ing the au­teur he is, he left Vogt-Roberts with this sage piece of ad­vice: “Do what I would do, be­tray your au­di­ence.” Um, thanks Ko­jima… we think. But per­haps he’s just say­ing that as he no longer has any­thing to do with the Metal Gear se­ries af­ter his split with Kon­ami, he’s no longer in­volved with his won­der­fully com­plex brain­child.

Un­for­tu­nately the movie is still quite a way off, and there’s still no sign of a cast list—al­though one piece of con­cept art we saw fea­tured Chris­tian Bale’s like­ness for Snake. How­ever, the script sounds like it’s mostly com­plete now, so surely it’s just a mat­ter of time be­fore more solid de­tails are nailed down and pro­duc­tion can be­gin.

“Vogt-Roberts has said that it won’t be a di­rect re­make of any one game”

Stay on the look­out for more de­tails in fu­ture is­sues of OXM.

top right This piece cap­tures the start ofMGS4 re­ally well, though Snake looks far younger. bot­tom right Gray Fox stalks a hall­way—he’d be an amaz­ing mis­un­der­stood movie vil­lain.

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