Mem­ory lane

Avoid that synch-ing feel­ing with the great­est As­sas­sin’s Creed mo­ments in and out of the An­i­mus

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Ezio meets Alta ir As­sas­sin’s Creed Rev­e­la­tions

When Ezio fi­nally makes his way in­side the li­brary at Masyaf, he finds Al­tair’s skele­ton sit­ting hold­ing an an­cient arte­fact. We then play as the orig­i­nal As­sas­sin, frail and el­derly, as he takes his fi­nal ‘rest’ in the same chair. *sob*

He’s a Tem­plar! As­sas­sin’s Creed 3

AC 3 isn’t fondly re­mem­bered, but starts with a sat­is­fy­ing twist. You start off as Haytham Ken­way, us­ing ea­gle vi­sion, clam­ber­ing around a the­ater, and get­ting stabby with your hid­den blade. It’s only a few hours in that you dis­cover you’ve been a ne­far­i­ous Tem­plar the whole time.

Good­bye Des­mond As­sas­sin’s Creed 3

He’s a bit di­vi­sive, our Des. Yet re­gard­less of your thoughts on the much-ma­ligned mod­ern day el­e­ment, you’d have to be made of gran­ite not to have a bit of a mo­ment when Des­mond Miles sac­ri­fices him­self to save mankind. No? Oh, you mon­ster.

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