Genophage Mass Efect

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While this virus doesn’t have any painful symp­toms that make you feel sick, it’s dev­as­tat­ing for the Kro­gan species of the MassEf­fect uni­verse. It was de­signed as a bi­o­log­i­cal weapon to con­trol the Kro­gans and works by mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for fe­males to carry any preg­nan­cies to term, caus­ing the species to slowly die out. Any fe­male who can bring chil­dren to term is vi­ciously fought over and seen as a prize of war. Know­ing that their species is doomed most Kro­gans have be­come mo­rose, which makes them even more dan­ger­ous than usual. Some would ar­gue it’s jus­tice as the Kro­gans were able to re­pro­duce at such an alarm­ing rate that they could drain plan­ets of all of their re­sources, but it’s still a very cruel dis­ease.

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