Dol­lar flu The Di­vi­sion

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With an in­nocu­ous start that’s very much like the com­mon cold, the dol­lar flu is ter­ri­fy­ing be­cause of how plau­si­ble it seems. While it starts out like the be­gin­ning of flu, with fevers and aches etc, it’s ac­tu­ally a strain of small­pox that’s par­tic­u­larly dan­ger­ous be­cause it’s in­fec­tious even when you’re not show­ing symp­toms for it. Yet it has no cure, re­sult­ing in a pop­u­la­tion-un­bal­anc­ing mor­tal­ity rate. The death rate is so bad it leads to an apoc­a­lypse­like sce­nario and com­plete col­lapse of so­ci­ety. Those who sur­vive are left to fight over the scraps of food and water that re­main, lead­ing to vi­o­lence. Even if you’re lucky enough to be im­mune there’s still a high risk of dy­ing at some­one else’s hands as you fight over the last bag of rice on a su­per­mar­ket shelf.

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