Starscourge Fi­nal Fan­tasy XV

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A strange one this, as not only does it in­fect peo­ple, but also the world around them. It’s ex­isted for mil­len­nia on Eos as a strain of malaria that’s not well un­der­stood, but reaches plague pro­por­tions dur­ing the events of FFXV, re­sult­ing in the short­en­ing of day length and in­crease in ag­gres­sive dae­mons. It’s also nick­named the ‘vanishing dis­ease’ as even­tu­ally your body breaks down into a smoke-like mi­asma which then tran­si­tions into a dae­mon form. As the plague spreads and more mi­asma is cre­ated it ab­sorbs the sun’s light, plung­ing the planet into an eter­nal night. While science doesn’t have a cure, the royal Lu­cius fam­ily does, al­though it takes Noc­tis sac­ri­fic­ing his own life to do it and re­store light to the world.

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