“It’s jus­tice, fi­nally, for griefers and ac­tu­ally makes for a dra­matic event”

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a lot of con­cerns we might have had about play­ing on­line. It’s jus­tice, fi­nally, for griefers; but not just that, it ac­tu­ally makes for a dra­matic event in Fall­out76’ s world, that is lit­er­ally re­ward­ing and adds to the grit of Waste­land sur­vival.

So… like the bas­tards we are, we de­cide, upon hit­ting Level 5 af­ter which you un­lock PVP, to de­lib­er­ately try and start some­thing with our fel­low man. We find an­other group’s BGS sherpa player in full Power Ar­mor. He’s level 59, but that’s not go­ing to stop us from try­ing to kill him. Es­pe­cially now we’ve fi­nally found a shot­gun. Sur­pris­ingly, we take him down eas­ily enough, which an­swers some early ques­tions about rel­a­tive lev­el­ling, of which we learn more from the devs once our playthrough has fin­ished.

“Gear plays a big part,” re­veals pro­ject lead Jeff Gar­diner, “but we do equalise the dam­age some­what, and perk se­lec­tion plays a part. So a higher level player will have many more perks to choose from that they can bring to the bat­tle, whether it’s PVE or PVP.”

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s se­nior VP of global mar­ket­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tions, pitches in. “You guys ran into a near-Level 60 BGS guy and whipped his ass,” he laughs. “So the idea that if you’re level 60 you can just go around and lay waste to noobs –this isn’t a power curve like a tra­di­tional MMO.”

So what’s to stop all hell break­ing

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