With a flam­ing fist to the face, Sega’s iconic brawler is back

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Who would have thought that in 2018 we’d be talk­ing about a new Streets

Of Rage game? Well, in a com­pletely sur­pris­ing, but thor­oughly wel­come an­nounce­ment, pub­lish­ers Dotemu, along with de­vel­op­ers Lizard­cube and Guard Rush Games re­vealed, with a beau­ti­fully an­i­mated trailer rem­i­nis­cent of the ’90s car­toons of old, that a new se­quel to the side-scrolling beat ’em up clas­sic is on its way.

In an ef­fort to make us all feel old, the pre­vi­ous game in the series was re­leased nearly 25 years ago, but de­spite be­ing a hugely suc­cess­ful fran­chise it dis­ap­peared into the ether. Sev­eral at­tempts have been made since to de­velop a se­quel but none came to fruition. How­ever, that now seems to have changed. Thanks to the in­ter­est in any­thing retro we’ve seen a swathe of re­makes and re-re­leases hit the shelves. Sega them­selves re­cently re­leased the Sega Mega Drive Clas­sics and Shen­mue 1 & 2, and clearly feel now is the time to breathe new life into Streets Of Rage.

An­nounc­ing the re­turn of a beloved series can al­ways fill you with trep­i­da­tion but thank­fully the game looks like it’s in good hands. Dotemu and Lizard­cube worked pre­vi­ously on the suc­cess­ful re­make of Won­der Boy:

The Dragon’s Trap, and Guard Rush Games de­vel­oped Streets Of Fury, a some­what cheesy but solid ho­mage to Streets Of Rage re­leased as an Xbox Live Indie Game.

Bare knuckle

For this new en­try we’re promised clas­sic game­play but with new me­chan­ics and a brand new story. Re­turn­ing are series stal­warts Alex Stone, now rock­ing the dou­ble denim and a rather fetch­ing beard, and Blaze Field­ing, still par­tial to the colour red, both of whom have aged ex­tremely well. More char­ac­ters have yet to be re­vealed, which means we’re still hold­ing out for the re­turn of Adam Hunter to round off the orig­i­nal trio.

They clearly didn’t do a good enough job last time be­cause the streets look just as an­gry as we left them, with the same old faces still caus­ing mis­chief. You’d have thought these punks would have learned to be fear­ful of peo­ple who have no qualms about eat­ing roast chicken from dust­bins. Along with them ap­pears to be a new an­tag­o­nist who made friends with a large snake.

All of what we’ve seen looks beau­ti­ful with its gor­geous hand-drawn vi­su­als and pump­ing ‘90s score. This is the

Streets Of Rage we re­mem­ber and we’re su­per ex­cited for its re­turn. Al­though no re­lease date or tar­get plat­forms have been an­nounced, given the de­vel­oper’s pre­vi­ous his­tory with Xbox we think it’s a safe bet that we’ll see an an­nounce­ment for its re­lease on Xbox One soon.

“We’re promised clas­sic game­play but with new me­chan­ics and a brand new story”

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