XBox: The Official Magazine (US) - - PREVIEW -

Adam Night­call

I’m lov­ing the tone and aes­thetic of

Night­call. I couldn’t care less that there’s a mur­derer on the loose. I just want to drive around Paris dur­ing the night in the pour­ing rain.

Daniella King­dom Hearts III

I don’t care about un­tan­gling the story, I just want to hang out with Bay­max for some epic hugs and fly­ing city tours.

Chris The Sink­ing City

I’m a mas­sive fan of sur­vival hor­ror games as well as the work of HP Love­craft, so this Love­craftian hor­ror is go­ing to be right up my street. Although it’s also go­ing to be a very wet street.

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