Know your T from your G with our quick guide to Res­i­dent Evil’s viruses

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The Gol­go­tha virus was cre­ated by Um­brella sci­en­tist Wil­liam Birkin, and used on him­self. It’s a mu­tated strain of the T-Virus that re­gen­er­ates lost or dam­aged tis­sue… and makes eye­balls ap­pear in awk­ward places, like on your back.

Las Pla­gas virus

A spore-based par­a­site found in fos­sils and used by a weird Span­ish cult called Los Il­lu­mi­na­dos. The Las Pla­gas virus takes over the host’s ner­vous sys­tem, ef­fec­tively turn­ing them into mind­less un­stop­pable zom­bies who can’t feel pain but can be con­trolled by a mas­ter.

Pro­gen­i­tor Virus

The orig­i­nal and best, dis­cov­ered from a species of African flower by the Um­brella Cor­po­ra­tion’s founders, and then used in all their sub­se­quent bi­o­log­i­cal re­search. By com­bin­ing it with leech DNA, they found it could mu­tate to form large and very, very nasty crea­tures.


The Tyrant Virus is a strain of the pro­gen­i­tor virus, in­volv­ing leech DNA – ugh – that was re­spon­si­ble for the in­ci­dent at the Spencer Man­sion in the late ’90s. Eas­ily trans­mit­ted, it kills its host im­me­di­ately then mu­tates and re­an­i­mates the corpse as a brain-dead husk whose only in­stinct is to feed on the liv­ing. Makes zom­bie peo­ple, dogs, fish, spi­ders and plants. Big ’uns too.

T-Abyss Virus

A fishy ver­sion of the Tyrant virus. The Abyss virus was de­vel­oped with the dis­cov­ery of a new species of deep sea fish, then Bioter­ror­ist or­gan­i­sa­tion Vel­tro com­bined it with the T-Virus. Causes vic­tims to need to con­stantly ab­sorb fluid… in­clud­ing the bod­ily flu­ids of hu­mans. Ooze a pretty virus then?

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