Res­i­dent Evil: Op­er­a­tion Rac­coon City

re­lease date 2012

XBox: The Official Magazine (US) - - RESIDENT EVIL 2 -

Al­most as bizarre an ex­per­i­ment as any­thing cooked up by Um­brella, this off­shoot team shooter is non-canon and all the more odd for it. Oper­a­tionRac­coon

City isn’t a bad premise, and it ac­tu­ally has you play­ing as an Um­brella Se­cu­rity Ser­vice squad, sent to col­lect T-Virus sam­ples from the Ra­coon City mess. Sadly though, poor team and en­emy AI stop the game from achiev­ing its po­ten­tial, de­spite a wealth of mul­ti­player modes and its be­ing set in our beloved

Res­i­den­tEvil uni­verse.

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