XBox: The Official Magazine (US) - - PREVIEW -

Chris’s pick Mor­tal Kombat 11

As a fan of the MK se­ries, as well as the

In­jus­tice games, I can’t wait to see what NetherRealms bring to the fight­ing genre in 2019. In fact I want it now, NetherRealms… fin­ish it!

Adam’s pick The Outer Worlds

I’ve al­ways wanted to play a Fall­out game set in space, and af­ter find­ing out that Bethesda’s Starfield won’t be see­ing the light of day any time soon, hope was wan­ing. That was un­til TheOuter Worlds, and I’m su­per hyped about it.

War­ren’s pick Phoenix Point

I was play­ing Ju­lian Gol­lop’s games way back on the Speccy and the orig­i­nal UFO: En­emy Un­known was

the game that con­vinced me to get my first PC back in the ‘90s. Luck­ily I can now play this on my Xbox rather than a two grand gam­ing rig.

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